Watch: Ron DeSantis Rubs Salt in 'Brandon' Biden’s Deep Political Wounds in Possible 2024 Preview

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He isn’t asked about it often by the mainstream press, but when he is, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – or members of his administration – are usually quick to try and shift the focus back to his current actions as the state’s chief executive officer rather than talk about the widespread speculation over whether or not he’ll run for the opportunity to challenge President Biden in 2024.


But throw his hat into the 2024 ring or not, DeSantis is running for reelection in 2022. And seeing how Team Biden sees fit on occasion to undermine DeSantis as well as paint him as a hateful extremist, and considering how Joe Biden is deeply unpopular in the state of Florida, DeSantis doesn’t hesitate to blast the supposed leader of the free world for his multiple leadership failures when the opportunity presents itself.

He’s done it on a number of fronts, including on the Cuba issue, the “woke” push for CRT implementation and gender identity instruction in public school classrooms, Biden’s deadly Afghanistan debacle, his handling of the Wuhan virus outbreak, and more.

And on Thursday, DeSantis took aim at Biden yet again after reports the POTUS is frustrated with his staff and his low approval ratings and is blaming everyone but himself. The bad news for Biden, DeSantis proclaimed as he referred to the president as “Brandon,” is that he’s brought his biggest problems – like inflation – on himself:

“We have to look at what we’re doing against the backdrop of what’s going on in Washington, D.C. and particularly there’s a fella by the name of ‘Brandon’ that people talk about, that we have to contend with.

And, I see this news report where Biden is so frustrated that his approval ratings are in the toilet. He can’t understand. He’s lashing out at his staff. He’s blaming other people. He’s blaming the media, even though he gets the most sycophantic media coverage that any president has ever gotten, compare how they treated Trump to how they treat Biden. It’s night and day.

And so he’s trying to make excuses. I’m just thinking to myself: ‘What has he done since he came into office?'”


DeSantis then listed off a number of things, including how Biden “immediately waged war against American energy production,” which DeSantis suggested was at the heart of why Americans are paying so much at the pump. He also criticized Biden’s fiscal and monetary policy and how his administration was “printing and borrowing trillions and trillions of dollars,” which DeSantis said is to blame for “the most sustained inflation this country has seen in over 40 years.”

The popular Florida governor also brought up Biden’s obsessive desire for dictatorial COVID mandates, up to and including having people “fired from their jobs” if they didn’t comply with federal vaccine mandates. “That has had a hugely negative impact on the economy,” he stated.

“And he failed to take leadership and take decisive action to alleviate the supply chain crisis,” which has negatively impacted not just this country but “places around the world,” DeSantis went on to say.

DeSantis then noted that it was Biden and Biden alone who had “created the circumstances that have led to this resounding disapproval of what he has done.”

“We would be better off if he had simply got into office and did nothing than what he has done so far,” DeSantis remarked in closing.



Regardless of what DeSantis’ 2024 plans are, other possible GOP contenders should take note as he continues to set the standard for how to take on Joe Biden and win the war of words – and policy – by hitting him right where it hurts the most.

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