Biden White House Hit Right Where It Hurts After More Bad News on Dem SCOTUS Messaging Breaks

As we reported earlier, fresh news out of Washington, D.C. media circles indicates that well over a week after news broke of the Supreme Court leak on the draft majority opinion in which Justice Samuel Alito declared “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” it doesn’t appear that the opinions of any of the Justices have changed, meaning the likelihood of a 5-4 or 6-3 scenario is still pretty strong.


While that information no doubt will further send pro-abortion Democratic “leaders” in the House, Senate, and White House (and their rabid supporters) into fits of apoplectic rage, what may very well send them over the edge is learning new polling numbers show that Americans overwhelmingly oppose not only the sharing of the home addresses of the Supreme Court Justices but they also oppose “protests” outside of their homes:

What’s especially interesting about the Trafalgar Group polling information is that it’s not just Republicans who strongly oppose the tactics being used by militant pro-abortion organizations to intimidate the Justices:

The White House’s view that it’s perfectly fine to protest outside Supreme Court justices’ homes is not shared by a significant majority of Democrats, according to a new Trafalgar poll.


While 76 percent of likely voters said no and 16 percent of respondents said yes, when looking specifically at Democrat voters, 67 said it’s unacceptable to protest in this way. Twenty-one percent of Democrats believe it’s OK to protest at the justices’ private homes.


Making matters even worse for the Biden White House specifically is that over 52% of likely voters believe his refusal to outright condemn the actions of the protesters have encouraged them to become more unlawful and could potentially lead to more violence.

Over the last week since the story of the Alito draft majority opinion leaked, the White House has been asked numerous times where they stand on both the leak of the information as well as the aggressive tactics being implemented by far-left abortion fanatics. Their answers have been troubling, to put it mildly. In one instance early on, White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to say whether the Biden administration would view an overturning of Roe v. Wade as a “legitimate” ruling by the Supreme Court.

In other instances, Psaki has incredibly referred to the marches in front of the Justices’ homes as “peaceful protests” despite the fact that it plainly states in the U.S. Code that it’s against the law to do so.

While the White House attempted to do “clean-up” on its muddled statements about the home protests Monday, on Tuesday they were right back to where they started, with Psaki alarmingly proclaiming that they encourage “peaceful protests” outside of the Justices’ homes:


As Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) pointed out on Fox News Tuesday, however, this is a dangerous road to go down, and if something, God forbid, happens to one of the Justices or one of their family members, the Biden administration should be held as a responsible party.

Even if ultimately nothing happens to the Justices – and we pray they all remain safe – the polling here indicates that BidenCo. has a serious messaging problem regarding this situation, which puts them in a major bind. If they all of a sudden switch gears and tell the protesters to stop their marches at the Justices’ homes, they’re going to seriously alienate their base of supporters in a crucial midterm election year. But if they maintain their current stance – which has been to encourage them, they’re pushing away moderate voters and even some Democrats who view what’s going down as over the top and unacceptable.

Contra to the early belief of Democrats (including, most likely, the leaker) that breaking all kinds of protocols and norms in revealing the draft majority opinion to the media would work to the left’s advantage, it turns out that all of this has – as my colleague Bonchie noted earlier – backfired spectacularly on them.


You love to see it, you truly do – especially on issues as consequential as this one.

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