Heartbreak on Capitol Hill as Democrats Come to a Realization About Jan. 6 Committee

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen various claims made by the rabidly partisan Jan. 6th Committee being carefully leaked to the press and book writers/reporters from the New York Times, who in turn are going into overdrive in giving the stories their best spins in hopes of distracting people from the self-destruction currently taking place within the Democratic party.


We saw it in early April with the “Trump phone call gap that wasn’t,” and just last week with yet another infamous “bombshell” report, this time in their insinuations about how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was allegedly so ashamed of what happened on January 6th, 2021 that he told Rep. Liz Cheney on a House Republican leadership call four days later that then-President Donald Trump should resign in disgrace.

Both McCarthy and Trump responded accordingly by strongly pushing back and refuting the more supposedly explosive claims and in the process nuked the “rift” narrative the media was trying to spin.

But as we draw closer to the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats are coming to some sobering (for them) conclusions about the January 6th Committee and, fittingly enough, on how the leaks that are coming out of it are impacting voter perceptions, especially at a time when voters are “distracted by inflation, Ukraine and the lingering coronavirus pandemic”:

Here’s more from the Axios report:

-They undercut what Axios has learned was a committee goal: building drama, mystery — and widespread public interest — ahead of hearings slated for June and the release of its report later this summer.


-A related concern: regaining public interest now that former President Trump and his red-hot rhetoric are no longer daily fixtures in their lives.

Democrats on the Hill are getting flashbacks to the Mueller investigation, they say.

-People anticipated a political bombshell but ended up with what was deemed, “The Blockbuster That Wasn’t.”

-Enough was leaked and released piecemeal over the two-year investigation the public had already processed most of its significant findings during dozens of separate news cycles.


I mean it’s a total shocker that Democrats have been trying to slow-roll the “investigation” in order to drag it out over a period of several months in a crucial election year, right? Even more shockingly, who knew that kitchen table issues that impact a person’s ability to make a living and provide for themselves and their families were more important to the average American than an alleged “phone call gap” from the former President that in reality did not exist?

The answer is that everyone but Democrats knew, and now – with just a few months to go between now and Election Day, that they’re having to try to recalibrate their strategy of “building drama, mystery” surrounding the Capitol riot after coming to the realization that it’s just not an important issue to the majority of folks in this country is just 50 shades of delicious.

For conservatives, this is a “been there, got the t-shirt” moment after four years of constant “investigations” into Trump, which were designed to undermine his presidency and impact his ability to get re-elected. But judging by all available polling on the mood of the American electorate, this time around Democrat efforts at distracting people with trumped-up “investigations” and dramatic “hearings” have a strong chance of backfiring big time.


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