Tom Cotton Swoops in With Zinger After Chuck Schumer FUBARs SCOTUS Speech on Senate Floor

Tom Cotton Swoops in With Zinger After Chuck Schumer FUBARs SCOTUS Speech on Senate Floor
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After the impending retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was made official Thursday a week ago by Breyer himself, President Biden was quick to alert supporters during the same press conference that he was committed to sticking to his campaign pledge to nominate a black woman for the Senate to consider confirming to our nation’s highest court.

Since that time, Democrats and their enthusiastic cheerleaders in the mainstream press have predictably engaged in tiresome race-baiting games, alleging Republicans will oppose Biden’s no matter who she is because racism or something. Others on the left have squeed with delight over scenarios they envision that involve Republican Senators opposing a black female nominee just months ahead of the midterm elections.

But while GOP Senators have done a good job so far countering the nonsense, with some like Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) reminding people that it was then-Sen. Joe Biden who in the past tried to block qualified black judicial nominees that were nominated by Republicans, including eventual SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, it was Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) who inadvertently handed his political opposition a gift earlier during a speech he gave on the Senate floor in which he talked about the supposed necessity of having a diverse Supreme Court.


Notice something? Yeah, he kinda sorta forgot the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, who was nominated in 1967 by then-President Lyndon Johnson and who went on to serve on the court from 1967 to 1991.

Apparently, someone on Schumer’s staff alerted him as to the omission of the first black person to ever sit on the Supreme Court, and later, he took to the Twitter machine to clarify:

Not long after that, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), never one to suffer fools gladly, swooped in with a hilarious Ron Burgundy reference in response to Schumer’s speech flub:

I mean we are only into day three of Black History Month, and we have the Democratic leader of the United States Senate giving a floor speech in which he’s lecturing others on how the court needs to “look more like America” and he forgets the very person that broke ground for black representation on the court in the late 1960s, and who was the predecessor to Clarence Thomas.

While I wholeheartedly agree that identity politics games are stupid – and it would appear that most Americans agree with that sentiment, too – it’s amusing as hell to see Democrats hoist themselves by their own petard on these matters.

As I’ve said before, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Except in this one, the game player ended up playing himself. Cotton spiking the ball afterward was just icing on the cake.

You love to see it. You truly do.

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