Mitch McConnell Schools ‘Woke’ Reporter After Gotcha Question About Black Female Staffers

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With President Joe Biden vowing Thursday to pick a black woman as his nominee to replace the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court has been the predictable squeeing from The Usual Suspects in the media and on the left as to who the nominee might be and how it might look to the American people as they watch GOP Senators oppose her.


Along with the inevitable swooning and swaying from the press on this issue has been the attempted gotcha questions they’ve asked Republican leaders, including the one asked today by “Latino Rebels” reporter Pablo Manriquez to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on the number of black female staffers he has in his office.

“How many black women do you have on staff and how are they informing your decision to move forward with the SCOTUS nomination?” Manriquez inquired, having to ask the question a couple of times because McConnell evidently couldn’t hear him talking through his mask.

Without missing a beat, McConnell responded.

“Actually, I haven’t checked, we don’t have a racial quota in my office,” he stated. “But I’ve had a number of African American employees, both male and female, over the years, in all kinds of different positions, including speechwriter.”

Question asked and sufficiently answered, McConnell smoothly moved on to the next reporter. Watch:


I don’t care how many times that question gets asked, it will never stop being insulting. As if women, Hispanics, black people, Asians, etc. are to be viewed as a number, a statistic rather than human beings.

Perhaps even more insulting is the fact that Democrats and obviously members of the mainstream press believe that having a “certain number” of black people on staff makes you sufficiently woke, and if you don’t, then that makes you a racist in their view.

If McConnell had rattled off a specific number, I wonder what the reporter’s reaction would have been? To scoff or mock it or indicate he was pleasantly surprised? I mean, really – what number would have been “acceptable”?

This is one reason why it’s so insulting for leftists, their allies in the press, and, sadly, some on the “right” like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to impose such quotas on the courts, whether it’s the Supreme Court or any other. It boils them down to numbers and faceless people rather than who they are as individuals and what they contribute to society.

To reiterate a point I made Monday, applicants (or in this case, nominees) for a job should be considered and judged based solely on their qualifications or lack thereof, not what they look like. A person’s skin color and/or gender should be an incidental factor when it comes to being selected for a job, no matter whether it’s for an office manager position or a Supreme Court Justice.


Stating as Joe Biden did that he would nominate a woman of color both as VP (Kamala Harris) and then as a SCOTUS contender does a great disservice not just to the process but also to minorities in general because whoever the eventual nominee ends up being will forever be known as the person who was picked first and foremost based on their skin color and/or gender with their actual qualifications being a less relevant factor.

That ultimately hurts not just that nominee but other qualified women, black people, Hispanics, etc. on down the road, most of who want to be judged/considered by/for what they bring to the table, not on how they look.

Hats off to McConnell for not playing the “woke” reporter’s game. Enough with this nonsense.

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