White House Makes a Terrible Admission That Will Come Back to Haunt Joe Biden

President Biden’s speech last week in Georgia in which he viciously compared his political opposition to Democrat racists of the past is still being talked about a week later, but not for reasons the White House would like it to be.


The bitterly divisive nature of it is still being discussed on TV/radio talk shows, on social media, and is still the subject of questions from members of the White House press corps, some of who appear to be shocked that a guy who has used race as a political weapon to get ahead throughout his decades in Washington, D.C. politics would turn to it again out of desperation.

Before today, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked on two different occasions about Biden suggesting that people who disagreed with him on changing the Senate rules on the filibuster and on federalizing elections were no better than racist Democrats from days gone by like Bull Connor, George Wallace, and Jefferson Davis. In both instances, Psaki doubled down, taking the shovel and digging a deeper hole for the Biden White House on this issue.

But during today’s briefing when Psaki was again asked about Biden’s remarks, the answer she gave was one that will likely be used against Biden and Democrats in swing districts in future campaign ads heading into the 2022 midterms:

“I would say first that the president delivered a powerful speech about the protection of peoples’ fundamental rights in this country, which is their right to vote, the right to vote for anyone they choose, whether it is him or someone else. It was not a partisan speech. It was intended to lay out for the public exactly what’s at stake and lay out for elected officials what’s at stake. And he stands by everything he said in that speech.



Well, it’s certainly good to know that he “stands by everything he said” in that supposedly “non-partisan speech” for a couple of reasons. For starters, quite frankly a lot of us would be disappointed to see him back down seeing that’s it’s something he clearly believes to be true about people who disagree with him. I, for one, am not someone who is interested in seeing someone issue apologies or contrite statements that they don’t really mean.

But more importantly, heading into the November 2022 elections and as Biden’s ratings hit rock bottom it’s good to know he’s standing behind what he said because the truth of the matter is that this is who Joe Biden always has been, and voters deserve to know.

Those who voted for Biden because their feelings were hurt by former President Donald Trump’s “mean tweets” or whatever deserve the reality check of finding out the true colors of the man behind the mask, the man who promised to “heal” the nation and be its “uniter in chief.”


Sorry not sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this one, Biden voters. We Toldjah so. If only you’d listened.

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