Second Look at Pete Buttigieg After Insane Tone-Deaf Kamala Harris Tweet in Midst of I-95 Crisis

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I think it’s safe to say that most Republicans are not fans of failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate turned Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and for good reasons. But after what another failed presidential candidate – VP Kamala Harris – tweeted out earlier today in the midst of the maddeningly frustrating I-95 traffic snarls, some might be willing to give him credit for at the very least not acting stupidly as the crisis unfolds.


At the same time, Democrats who have rejected the rumored possibility that President Biden might replace Harris with Buttigieg on the ticket in 2024 (assuming Joe runs again) might be taking a second look at the former South Bend, Indiana mayor as well after considering this along with the other tone-deaf stunts she’s pulled over the last year.

As we reported earlier, things are tense on a roughly 90 mile stretch of I-95 in Virginia as thousands are sitting in their cars on the interstate in the midst of freezing temperatures and snow and ice on the roads. Some, like Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine, have been stuck for over 24 hours now. Sadly, prominent liberals on Twitter are making themselves look more foolish than they normally do by blaming Gov.-Elect Glenn Youngkin, who hasn’t even taken office yet, while others are mocking conservatives simply for trying to help out stranded motorists.


In the middle of all of this, here’s what the woman Joe Biden was forced to pick as his vice-presidential running mate in the name of “wokeness” (and who RedState editor at large Kira Davis recently described as the “worst politician” she’d ever seen) tweeted out about infrastructure and “getting people moving”:

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the below video alone tells me that people aren’t “moving” on a very critical piece of actual infrastructure which is located not far from our nation’s capital where Harris is (presumably) located in a warm and toasty place at this hour as either she and/or her staff tweet out really dumb messages:


As I was writing this, I noticed that “Secretary Pete” has since retweeted Kamala’s above message, so scratch what I said at the opening of this post.

Once again, the lights are on at the Biden White House during a major crisis but nobody’s home. But hey, we haven’t seen any mean tweets in a while so I guess we should at least be grateful for that or something, right?

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