Liberal Journalist Mocks Republicans Trying to Help People Trapped in Snow on I-95

Virginia Department of Transportation via AP

We reported earlier on the bad situation in Virginia where people were stuck in the snow on I-95 for up to a day. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) was still stuck after 19 hours, earlier this morning.


As we noted, some on the left tried to blame the situation on recently elected Republican Glenn Youngkin. But Youngkin isn’t even in office yet, so any government response that should have been done here is all on the current, Democrat Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam and he wasn’t doing a great job at it.

People stuck for hours were left to fend for themselves to figure out what to do. So, some were using social media to help each other. This is the best of America, when people respond in this fashion to help each other out.

Now you wouldn’t think that anyone could object to the people trying to help each other out in the middle of such a situation. But then, you wouldn’t know liberal journalist Jonathan Chait, he who shall be permanently aggrieved no matter the situation.


In the middle of a snow emergency with these people trapped in the snow, this is what he thinks is a proper response? And by the way, Jonathan, this kind of response is “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.” When the government fails you, you figure out ways around it to help yourself and your neighbors. It’s the very essence of Reaganism, but more broadly, being a good American.

The Reagan account is doing what it can to help people, and the liberal account of Jonathan Chait is carping and mocking people being in danger. Could there be a better example of why one philosophy is better than the other here? How soulless do you have to be when this is what you’re thinking about at this point?

This is the same guy who mocked Americans last month who were concerned about the price of milk because of inflation. He has no soul and is all in with the tribalism.

Of course, it shouldn’t be about politics now, but making sure everyone is safe, as the Reagan account pointedly told Chait, who doesn’t seem to understand that.


My colleague Joe Cunningham does him in nicely here:


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