CNN Now Attacking the Dad Who Trolled Biden With Bizarre Claim

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The mania of the left going after dad Jared Schmeck for trolling Joe Biden by saying “Let’s go, Brandon” is ramping up. They’ve been trending Schmeck’s name all day on Twitter, discussing ways they can go after him for the temerity of teasing Biden. Imagine having the hate in your heart to try to destroy someone for a joke because he embarrassed your guy. That apparently deserves threatening the dad and trying to get him fired and/or harm his family business.


But now we’ve moved on to the next part of the drama. Now, that randos on Twitter have identified him and are targeting him, the liberal media is joining in. Instead of looking at this with some perspective — it’s a joke, people — they’re completely all-in with doing all they can to demonize Schmeck and what he said.

A CNN panel was upset that the dad was rude to Biden’s face. But then, one of their commentators takes it into complete bizarro-land by saying that Schmeck’s comment equals “insurrection.”

The CNN analyst, Ron Brownstein of The Atlantic, says, “It’s ungracious. It’s juvenile. It’s reprehensible.” But it’s not about incivility, he claims, “I think it’s fundamentally about insurrection.” He claims it’s a comment on Biden being an “illegitimate president.”

Are they kidding us? After four years of completely demonizing President Donald Trump, calling him every name in the book, with Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) even encouraging the harassment of Trump officials, you’re upset with a joke based on a media lie covering up Americans unhappiness with Biden? Now, they’re dismissing even the unhappiness with Biden that the joke reflects and terming it “insurrection” just to be upset with Biden? Are we fast approaching the Soviet level where the state media just echoes how you must be faithful to the party and there is no questioning or calling out the problems allowed?


Everything now is “insurrection” if they don’t like it, just like everything was previously racist if they needed to attack it. This was a joke — a peaceful protest if you will. Meanwhile, actual insurrection and violent protest are “mostly peaceful,” according to CNN, if it’s a protest with which they agree.

They’re not upset with what Schmeck said. They’re upset that it exposed Biden for all his failings and his cognitive issues — that’s the real problem with what he said and why they’re so mad. They’re upset that Biden repeated what Schmeck said and agreed with it, showing he had no idea what was being said. And the funny thing is the more they advertise this story, the more it exposes how regular Americans think Biden is a failure.

But there’s another dangerous path that CNN is treading with this approach. Claiming bizarrely that this is “fundamentally about insurrection” is a slander of Jared Schmeck. They better watch out going down this road if they don’t want to get sued again, as they were after they defamed Nicholas Sandmann. Sandmann got a settlement against them and just got another one against NBC. CNN is lurching into that territory again, and they better back out if they don’t want to make it worse.

I wrote yesterday about some truthful things that CNN managed to say, including the recognition of Biden’s “confusion” — a big recognition for the MSM to finally note — and that Biden has economic approval numbers worse than Jimmy Carter’s.


But they just can’t run a day without insanity.


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