Fascist Libs Now Targeting Jared Schmeck's Business, Calling on the Government to Punish Him

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The man who dared to make fun of Joe Biden two days ago during a NORAD Christmas Eve call continues to be viciously harassed online. The firestorm began after the phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon” was uttered, causing Biden to oddly repeat it back, seemingly unaware of the joke. For many, it confirmed just how uninformed the president is about what’s going on around him.


Now, Jared Schmeck, the father on the call, has been doxxed, with Twitter itself joining the effort by trending his name despite its terms of service claiming it is a bannable offense to do so.

Since then, as RedState reported, the threats have rolled in against Schmeck and his family, and unfortunately, the war against him has escalated further. Blue-checkmark liberals on Twitter are now sharing his business name and address in an attempt to stir up public retaliation, either directly or via giving unearned bad reviews online.

Some fascist moron named Tom Watson is leading the effort — though, it looks like he’s since deleted the address. Here’s the follow-up tweet that’s still up. It’s also possible Twitter forced him to delete the address, as he doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would have done it voluntarily.


Perhaps worse, suggestions that Schmeck’s business should be punished by the government are spreading as well. That’s because the company received a PPP loan during the COVID pandemic. Things are so bad that the website of the business has had to be taken offline, and it’s being celebrated as some kind of victory.

Be sure to read the replies, if you really want to lose faith in humanity.

There are few things more authoritarian than asking the government to punish a citizen for making fun of an elected official. Yet, that’s the mindset the left operates in. This spectacle has fully exposed that to the extent it wasn’t already well out in the open.

Notice the difference here in behavior. When many on the left made fun of Donald Trump, including in a very vulgar fashion at times, we just made memes and called them triggered snowflakes. Why? Because this is America, and we are allowed to trash those in power here. Yet, when someone on the right makes fun of Joe Biden, the left seeks to destroy their life and the lives of those around them. It’s truly evil stuff, and I don’t use that word lightly.


While I’m not going to give any identifying details about Schmeck’s business for obvious reasons, he does have 11 employees, according to government records. And those on the left attacking him don’t care one bit that they could harm people not even involved in this. These people are fascists, and they’d see you thrown in a prison for daring to question dear leader if they could.


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