This May Be Most Legendary 'Let's Go, Brandon' Troll Yet — Featuring Joe Biden

Joe and Jill Biden during NORAD Santa-tracking call. Credit: Benny Johnson/Twitter video screenshot

Let’s face it, the father in this story may have just hit legendary status with the troll of Joe Biden that he was able to pull off.

Joe Biden and his wife were participating in the tradition of the White House NORAD Santa-tracking calls with kids and their parents. The father, identified as Jared from Oregon, told the Bidens that he wished they had a “wonderful Christmas as well.” That’s when he slipped in a “Let’s go, Brandon.”


Now, one has to admit, that’s pretty hilarious.

Biden responded, “Let’s go, Brandon, I agree.” It seemed like Biden had no idea what the term meant and/or he was just repeating what the guy said without understanding. But if you looked at Jill Biden’s face, it was clear that she understood what the man had said. It was priceless. She looked like she had swallowed several lemons and had an immediate sour look on her face. She also seemed to roll her eyes.

Biden asked the man if he was from Oregon, even though it possibly had already been established, but the man didn’t respond; it seemed like maybe he was cut off after the comment. No doubt, Biden’s White House team probably didn’t want that call to continue. But before that, the father had spoken of having a two-year-old daughter and Biden had urged the kids to go to bed by 9 p.m., according to the pool report.

I think this is good evidence now that Biden doesn’t seem to have any idea what the term means.


Now, of course you have half of Twitter and some members of the media melting down that the father said that to Biden. But despite thousands of tweets about it, Twitter seemed to be trying to suppress it a bit, but it’s back up again.

But some of the members of Congress had a little fun with it in response.

For the folks who might think it’s not appropriate, remember: it’s the media who have told us what it means – it doesn’t mean “F**k Joe Biden,” it means “Let’s go, Brandon” because the media tells us so.

But the folks who are objecting are the ones who had no issue calling President Donald Trump all kinds of names, the same media who lionized a woman flipping him off, and the same media that spread false Russia collusion lies about him for four years. So seriously, having one guy slip in a joke to Biden’s face is funny.


What it also shows is that Biden doesn’t even seem to understand something that is so widely known, that’s at least in part about him and in part at the media. He’s also faced banners and chants with it virtually everywhere he has gone since October so he should know it but he doesn’t.

It’s one more thing among a wide slew of things about America that Biden seems to be among the missing on. So while the joke is funny, his failure to grasp it is sad because it’s reflective of so many other things that he’s out of the loop about.


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