Yet Another Shameful and Sobering Commentary on Joe Biden Revealed Itself This Week

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We reported on the rambling mess of a speech President Biden gave yesterday where not only did he cough his way through his “here’s how we’re gonna battle the Omicron variant” presentation (though press secretary Jen Psaki has said “he’s asymptomatic”) but he also repeatedly lied about transmission rates and case counts among other things.


But though, unfortunately, we are used to the steady stream of exaggerations, embellishments, and/or outright lies that come from this administration, one moment from his Tuesday speech that especially stood out to me was something that happened at the end of it.

Normally after Biden gives a speech, he’s quickly ushered out of the room as questions are shouted by a desperate press corps, because his handlers are terrified he’ll say something embarrassing that either no one can translate or that they’ll have to walk back later. But after his remarks yesterday, Biden decided to do what he rarely does: interact with the reporters in the room.

As my colleague Nick Arama noted, it ended up being a disaster. But there was one thing, in particular, he said to reporters that voters should not forget.

It came after a reporter asked him about his working relationship with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and how he (Biden) planned to “rebuild trust with progressives” on his legislative priorities. His answer was a long one, for him, but here’s what he said at the tip end of it:

Imagine being a parent, looking at a child, and you can’t afford — you have no house to borrow against, you have no savings. It’s wrong. But all the things in that bill are going to reduce prices and cost for middle-class and working-class people. It’s going to reduce their costs.

What’s inflation? Having to pay more than the money you have because things have gone up. Well, it’ll bring down all those costs across the board, from childcare to a Child Care Tax Credit.

But I’m not supposed to be having this press conference right now.



In my opinion, that clip is one of the defining ones of Joe Biden’s presidency, and not in a good way. In it, he’s point-blank admitting that he – the leader of the free world – is controlled by those around him, people who I should point out for the record were not elected President of the United States.

It was reminiscent to me of that October town hall Biden did with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where, in the aftermath, we learned that Biden had briefly “rescued” CNN in terms of the number of viewers that tuned in to watch it. My thought at the time was that it was a shameful and sobering commentary on Joe Biden that he could (temporarily) rescue a struggling news network but not the country he was elected to serve.

This is another one of those times where a shameful and sobering commentary about Biden revealed itself for reasons I’ve explained before.

Joe Biden is a caricature of a President, a puppet of the radical left and senior administration officials who have to routinely pull his strings and play clean-up when he messes things up, which must be an exhausting job since it’s a near-hourly occurrence with him.

Joe Biden’s problems, by and large, are self-inflicted, with the American people bearing the brunt of the harsh consequences for them. This is what happens when you rely on shadowy co-presidents and self-important wokesters to tell you who you can and can’t talk to and how to run things rather than manning up and actually making your own decisions based on careful consideration of all the facts.


When the 2024 election gets here, voters need to keep all of this in mind as they head to the ballot box. Because one thing this country doesn’t need at this crucial point in its history is a feckless “leader” like Biden, who let’s face it is nothing more than a LINO – a Leader In Name Only.

We didn’t need him in 2020 but I guess a majority of voters wanted rescuing from mean tweets or something. They shouldn’t make the same mistake in 2024, because what we need most right now is to be rescued from Joe Biden.

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