Jen Psaki Uses NYT to Make Absurd 'Christmas' Declaration About Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

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We continue to hear and read stories from all across the country about how Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis has impacted Christmas holiday shopping in a very negative way.


For instance, CBS News reported just today on how “many last-minute shoppers are hearing the words ‘out of stock'” as a “nationwide supply chain shortage has left orders that were supposed to be delivered to stores on cargo ships.”

They noted that one Houston toy store owner has been waiting on “items [that] never arrived even though it’s been months since they were expected—leaving many of his holiday shoppers empty-handed.”

In another, Reuters documented how candy manufacturers are facing heavy demand in the midst of a sugar shortage, which they say is heavily impacting their ability to fill orders from customers. Hammond’s Candies, the largest supplier of candy canes in the country, told the news outlet that they aren’t taking any new orders from customers at this time.

Those are just a few examples of many, but you wouldn’t have a clue that there was a supply chain crisis at all if you listened to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who earlier today in essence proclaimed the supply chain crisis is over thanks to Joe Biden, using a recent article from the New York Times with which to do it:

But even more bizarre than the tweet itself was what she said at the beginning of today’s White House press briefing. In remarks to the press corps, she cited the same New York Times piece, but this time she went a lot further than what she said in her tweet, literally declaring that “we saved Christmas”:


While he didn’t go so far as to take credit for “saving Christmas,” Biden also gaslit the American people today during a supply chain task force meeting by saying predictions about holiday shipments being delayed were wrong:

He touted increased store inventories and reductions in backlogs at critical ports, in a message timed for the holidays.

‘Earlier this fall, we heard a lot of dire warnings about supply chain problems leading to a crisis around the holidays,’ Biden said during a virtual meeting of his supply chain task force at the White House.

‘The much predicted crisis didn’t occur. Packages are movie [sic], gifts are being delivered. Shelves are not empty,’ Biden said.

He’s full of it, of course, but something he also left out was the fact that his own Vice President took a trip overseas back in August and advised people to go ahead and start shopping for Christmas presents to head off the possibility of not being able to get gifts for their families the closer it got to the holiday season precisely because of the supply chain crisis.

Almost as infuriating as Psaki and Biden both asserting things that were most definitely not true was the deceptive way in which it was done. The New York Times article she cited noted that the main reason Americans are seeing less of a supply chain issue here at Christmas time than anticipated is that most people shopped way earlier than normal and that retailers got smart and ordered things earlier than normal so they’d have plenty of time to get the gifts in before Christmas.


Not cited by Psaki, however, was another New York Times piece published on the same day as the other one, except this piece talked about how “Supply Chain Shortages Are Dimming Christmas Displays”:

This month, retail experts said, evidence of the supply chain upheaval could be seen in the picked-over decoration aisles in stores, and on websites warning customers of the limited inventory for certain holiday staples.

But, dammit, Joe Biden “saved Christmas” or something. Or so they want you to think.

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