Reuters Brings on the Heartbreak After Dem-Circulated ‘Trump Christmas Card’ Gets Fact Checked

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On any given day, Twitter is an absolute bowl of dumb, but today may have eclipsed all the other days after Twitter leftists – some of them with large followings – circulated what they claimed was a photo of former President Donald Trump’s 2021 Christmas card.


While it’s unclear who posted the image first, one person who did was Grant Stern, who has 167,000 followers and who is the executive editor of “Occupy Democrats,” which is one of the most dishonest Twitter accounts ever to exist on the platform. In a now-deleted tweet, here’s what Stern – a frequent critic of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, I should note – wrote about the supposed “Trump Christmas card”:

I mean you’d think it was obvious that it wasn’t real. For starters, Trump’s son Barron was left off. Secondly, Trump’s hands were shrunk down and looked disproportionate. Thirdly, there’s something rather odd-looking about Trump’s tuxedo, which I won’t describe in detail here but I’m sure readers will pick up on what I’m getting at. Lastly, the card is just cheesy as hell.

But apparently, it wasn’t that obvious to the Trump-obsessed left, who proceeded to tweet so much about the card, mocking it, drawing crude pictures of the male anatomy on it, etc. that it trended for a time. As our sister site Twitchy documented, some of the people who originally posted the fake card have deleted their tweets while others still have their tweets up as of this writing.


“News” of the “Trump Christmas card” became so widespread on social media that Reuters stepped in to fact check it:

The postcard was not released on Trump’s official website (

It was also not tweeted by his spokesperson Liz Harrington, who regularly posts official Trump statements ( Contacted by Reuters, Harrington confirmed the image “is fake and did not come from us.”

Furthermore, a different Christmas card is available on his Save America online shop viewable,

Even notorious Democrat apologist and CNN “fact checker” Daniel Dale got in on the action to note the card was fake.

On the right below, you can see what the actual Trump Christmas card looks like:

After deleting his tweet, Stern laughably proclaimed that he thought Twitter had a “screening” process of sorts for fake news that trended.

“True confession. Relying on Twitter trends to screen things was a mistake,” he wrote. “But it was an innocent one. I thought there was some basic screening there.”


I think the fact that he actually believes that is an even worse indictment of Twitter and their lax approach to monitoring fake news from the left that trends than it is for Stern.

Keep in mind, too, that Twitter allowed the fake card to trend for several hours, in contrast to last year and how they punished the New York Post and other Twitter users including the official Trump campaign account for tweeting out the paper’s factual reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop emails.

In any event, though Reuters doesn’t get a cookie for doing their jobs here, it’s good that somebody did it, because we know Twitter sure as hell wouldn’t have ever gotten around to it considering their history.

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