The Next Head-Shaking 'First' for Joe Biden Has Just Been Revealed

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A couple of weeks ago – just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, President Joe Biden gave a “press conference” where, as per the norm, no questions were taken from the reporters who were called in to document Biden’s latest attempt at gaslighting the American people by telling them that his disastrous Bidenomics policies were going to turn things around in this country, we just need to wait a little longer, etc.


At the end of the so-called “presser,” a rather revealing moment occurred that I believe epitomized the sorry state of affairs between the Biden White House and the press corps. You had numerous reporters yelling out questions, but one at the tip end of the event all but literally begged Biden to answer him as he exited the stage.

“When will you tell us what you discussed with Xi Jinping and other leaders? When will you answer our questions, sir?” CBS News Radio reporter Steven Portnoy shouted out to Biden, who completely ignored him.

Biden has become infamous for having these types of scripted White House gatherings where he yada yadas for 20-30 minutes or so and then either bails or gets ushered out by his handlers quickly (or the live feed gets conveniently cut) so as to avoid a potentially embarrassing moment. And when he actually does a sit-down interview, which is also rare, it’s usually with a Democrat-friendly outlet or questioner, which is obviously done with the thought in mind that they’ll go easy on him.

It is with that in mind that we turn to the subject of the latest head-shaking “first” for Biden. Deadline reports that tonight, the POTUS will be doing his first late-night TV talk show “interview” since he was sworn into office:


Joe Biden will make his first late-night appearance as president when he guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday.

Fallon made the announcement on his show Thursday. A White House spokesperson said that the appearance will be virtual.

Biden’s appearance also will be the first of a sitting president on a major late-night show since 2016, when Barack Obama appeared on shows hosted Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher and Samantha Bee. Obama was the first sitting president to make an in-studio guest appearance on a late-night show when he did The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2009.

Here’s the teaser Fallon posted about the upcoming segment:

Gee, I wonder what type of hard-hitting “questions” will be asked of Joe during the “interview,” which we all know will be pre-taped and highly scripted with much string-pulling going on behind the scenes at the White House?

I have nothing against Fallon. He seems like an okay guy. But in the middle of everything that’s going on in this country, the last thing Biden needs to be doing is a cutesy interview and one where he tries to portray everything as hunky-dory, especially right here at Christmastime when people know better.


I’m so disgusted that I don’t even know what else to say about this. It’s not just that it’s bad optics. It’s just that it’s bad – period. Pathetic, really. But considering the serial tone-deafness and lack of self-awareness that is routinely on display from this administration, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. Disgusted, yes, but not surprised.

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