A Candid Admission Is Made After Weird ‘I Love Working for Kamala’ Tweet Backfires

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We reported this morning on how David Gins, who is Vice President Kamala Harris’s Deputy Director for Operations, sent out a weird tweet over the weekend in which he talked about how he “absolutely loves” working for Harris.


There were a lot of jokes on Twitter in response to the tweet suggesting that it looked more like a “hostage” photo that he was forced to send out than a genuine show of fondness for President Joe Biden’s embattled VP. For those who missed it, here it is:

Gins’s comments came as the turmoil at Kamala HQ has hit fever pitch, with the resignations of four top staffers in recent weeks, including two senior team members: comms director Ashley Etienne last month and senior adviser/chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, who announced last week she was resigning at the end of this month.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the tweet during today’s press briefing but said she had no info on if Gins or anyone else in the veep’s office had been instructed to publicly express support for Harris. Psaki also denied in so many words reports that Harris is known for “bullying” staff members, a story the Washington Post published Saturday:


“I’m not aware of any asks for a positive tweet or a specific tweet. I would point you to the Vice President’s office. But I work with a number of people in the Vice President’s office who certainly are looking forward to continuing their jobs.”

But though Psaki, who in the past has claimed criticism of Harris boils down to racism and sexism, either wasn’t aware of or didn’t want to discuss the suspected machinations behind Gins’s remarks, either a source on Harris’s team or one that has knowledge of the goings-on in the Vice President’s office reportedly told News Cycle Media president Jon Nicosia that staffers were indeed urged to share positive thoughts about Harris, but that Gins’s tweet “worked against that mission”:


Gee, ya think? I mean where’s Kamala Harris’s much-heralded crisis comms manager Lorraine Voles when you need her? Maybe she’ll be the next one turning in her notice?

This is just pathetic. Kamala Harris can’t manage the border crisis. She can’t manage the climate crisis. She can’t even manage the various crises in her own office. Is there anything this woman can do right, besides cackle at the worst possible moment and stop off at bakeries to sample sweet treats as the problems she’s been put in charge of managing get worse?

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