The Most Disgusting, Obsessive Take on Bob Dole's Death Goes Forth

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As RedState reported earlier today, storied WWII veteran and US senator Bob Dole passed away. At the age of 98, he capped off a life well-lived, serving his country until the very end.


Now, for those of us who are sane, we have no desire to inject modern political disagreements into the death of a war hero and incredible public servant. Clearly, Bob Dole is not a man at all defined by anything that’s happened in Washington over the last half-decade.

But then there’s Mehdi Hasan, who is neither sane nor has the self-control to hide that fact. The far-left MSNBC host and former Qatari mouthpiece just couldn’t help himself. Today, he put out the following tweet, which, as of now at least, is the most disgusting take on Dole’s passing I’ve seen.

The absolute obsession these people have with Donald Trump never ceases to amaze. Literally, everything must be about the former president, to the point where it wouldn’t surprise me if Hasan mumbles about Trump in the shower. There are a million different ways to remember Dole today, but the first thing that comes to this clown’s mind is to chide him for his support of a former president who served while Dole was in his mid-90s.


Besides, the insinuation that there’s something nefarious about Dole supporting Trump is gross. There are lots of reasons people supported the former president, and plenty of them were worthwhile. The results of the Biden administration speak for themselves, after all. That Dole was smart enough to realize what was best for the country, at least in his view, does not make him less virtuous. Quite the opposite, in fact. Yet, Hasan, who worked for terrorist sympathizing Al Jazeera, wants to preen from his supposed high-horse? Give us all a break.

Of course, after he got called out, Hasan then tried the laziest rhetorical trick, pretending that he meant his Trump tweet as a neutral observation.

Yeah, well, except that Hasan has ranted and raved about Trump being the devil for five years now, so it’s clear that any mention of the former president by him is meant to denigrate. He chose to lead with Dole’s support of Trump for one reason — to paint an American hero as some kind of enabler of supposed evil. I can’t think of a more disrespectful way to mark Dole’s death, and Hasan jumped on it like a fat kid on a donut.


These are the kinds of people who populate our mainstream media sphere. Over-educated, moronic individuals who lack the shame to just shut up on the day someone as accomplished as Dole passes. Hasan is not one-tenth the man Dole was, and that’s brightly illustrated every single time he opens his mouth.


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