CODE RED: If Kamala Harris Is Completely Underwater, Can Anyone Still Hear Her Cackle?

After just 7 months, polls show Kamala Harris is officially underwater.

Kamala Harris might end up setting a Olympic-sized record for drowning. Right now she’s sinking, like a millstone around this administration’s neck, into the deep abyss of public opinion.


If Biden was sentient, he’d tell her to put on a pair of floaties and tread water in the kiddie pool — alone — so no one is subjected to her unforced gaffes and that infamous cackle.

But, it doesn’t matter. She won’t listen anyway. She has presidential ambitions. She’ll keep trying to swim with the adults and end up slipping even further underwater.

I wonder: once Kamala Harris goes completely underwater, can anyone still hear her cackling?


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