Toldjah So: CNN Dumps on Terry McAuliffe in His Clearest ‘Flashing Red Light’ Moment Yet

Toldjah So: CNN Dumps on Terry McAuliffe in His Clearest ‘Flashing Red Light’ Moment Yet
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A few weeks ago I half-jokingly wrote about how Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, now underwater per numerous recent polling numbers, might have just lost the CNN vote after an interview he did with them in which he was chastised for his constant references to former President Donald Trump (the total number during the interview was 18).

I said “half-jokingly” because it struck me at the time that it might have been another pivotal point in his campaign, considering the semi-negative moment for McAuliffe came courtesy of an interview with a Dem-friendly national media outlet, something that had been unheard of prior to this month.

As it turns out, it was indeed a pivotal moment in my opinion for reasons I’ll explain below in my latest “Toldjah So.”

Since that time, though still mostly positive, the negative national news reports have grown in number for McAuliffe, including one from CBS News from last week highlighting how independent voters were going on record as saying that they were voting for or considering voting for Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin because it would send a strong signal to McAuliffe that they didn’t care for his agenda and to President Biden to show how displeased they were with what he’d done so far, a growing sentiment with voters of all political stripes nationwide.

There was also today’s contentious exchange between McAuliffe and NBC News “Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd, who whacked McAuliffe for lying about Youngkin allegedly wanting to “ban books” or give parents the right to.

But CNN’s switcheroni on McAuliffe has been particularly interesting, in my view. The first ding they gave him was Friday, when reporter Dan Merica dunked on McAuliffe for the lack of enthusiasm at rallies along with the lackluster attendance numbers at a time in the race where the excitement should be at fever pitch, something seen with regularity at Youngkin events but not at McAuliffe campaign stops (unless he has a big-name Dem with him, which Merica pointed out).

Then there was the other report from Merica, which my colleague Bonchie wrote about, where McAuliffe was called out for doing a complete 180 on his constant references to Trump after he declared in so many words that the election wasn’t about Trump. The flip flop of flip flops if there ever was one.

The thought then crossed my mind that the national media were doing a slow turn on McAuliffe here at the 11th hour and with just two or three days left before Election Day. When the liberal media loses confidence in the Democrat they’ve been championing it is the clearest flashing red light possible that that candidate is in big trouble.

I don’t want to oversell this but the warning signs are all there, with the dramatic 42 percent shift from McAuliffe to Youngkin in a month’s time being the other big warning sign for McAuliffe. He’s pissed parents off big time with the insinuations that they are “racists” for opposing CRT and sexually explicit books, and with the outright declaration that he doesn’t believe they “should be telling schools what they should teach.”

With the media’s subtle yet obvious turn against McAuliffe being more than apparent – perhaps with the thought in mind that hey, this guy might actually lose, the appropriate response for voters would be to do one thing and with feeling:

Prove. them. right.

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