CNN Reporter Causes Leftist Heartbreak After Seemingly Forgetting She’s a Reporter

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Trust in the mainstream media is at all-time lows in the United States due in large part to the belief among many that most news organizations have a political lean to them and “report” accordingly, whether left or right.


I think it’s inarguable at this point that most of them indeed do have a bias, though the degree of bias at each one is subject to debate.

That said, even with the understanding in mind that large majorities in America – including both Republicans and Democrats – see the media as politically slanted one way or the other, rarely do you have a current member of the mainstream press openly admit it (in fact, most reject the suggestion), whether through a literal admission (“I am biased”) or an implicit one, the latter of which we get from the likes of the casts and crews of “news” organizations like CNN on a near-daily basis.

All of this brings me to the latest implicit admission, this one from a CNN reporter, though some might argue that what anchor/chief national affairs analyst Kasie Hunt tweeted out earlier today goes well beyond merely being implicit, which I admit is a fair point.

Hunt’s tweet was apparently in response to reports that the paid family and medical leave portion of President Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” bill was going to be cut out thanks to objections from West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, who along with Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema have been major obstacles to Biden’s plan to “fundamentally” change (read: radicalize) America via the massively bloated Democrat-wish list bills currently on the table.


After hearing about the news, Hunt – formerly of MSNBC infamy – took to the Twitter machine to actually threaten Democrats with negative coverage if they didn’t get this thing done complete with “paid leave” included:

The tweet has been preserved here for posterity purposes.

Though it was a rather astonishing admission of bias against Republicans, her followers didn’t seem to take it that way, laughably suggesting in so many words that she was a Republican cheerleader because she wasn’t criticizing Republicans for their alleged role in stalling the spending package, even though not a single Senate Republican needs to vote for it in order for it to pass.

“I mean, there are 52 Senators that oppose things that could benefit millions of Americans, but, sure, let’s focus on the 48 that are trying to help,” said one left-wing Twitter user who got hundreds of retweets.

“Make sure they know it’s 2 Democratic Senators and 50 Republican Senators opposed, a 25:1 ratio,” wrote another.


The reality of the matter here is that regardless of which side the threat was directed to, this is not how legit journalism is supposed to work, folks. Now if Hunt was an opinion writer or commentator or something along those lines, it would be different, so much so that it wouldn’t even be worth writing about.

But Hunt is supposedly an objective anchor and one who should be leaving her biases at home instead of bringing them to work with her. Unfortunately, CNN has made it clear that they don’t operate that way.

That said, we should be thankful, I guess, that yet another member of the failing network decided to demonstrate their true colors in no uncertain terms. Give me what I want, and you get favorable coverage. If not, I’ll put you on blast.

Just incredible that she said it out loud – another black eye for journalism for sure, but I’ll take it.

Needless to say, this is yet one more on a long list of blows against her colleague Chris Cillizza’s hilarious (and infamous) declaration five years ago about how “reporters don’t root for a side. Period.”

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be so tough on journalists who just come right and tell us who they really are, right?


‘Nuff said.

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