Kasie Hunt of NBC News Swoons Over Joe Biden Because...He Refuses to Answer a Question

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Another journalist has already booked her vacation plans for the next 4 years.

We have done a number of stories from just over the past few weeks showing the press will become an insufferable batch of court jesters with a Joe Biden administration. The latest comes from Kasie Hunt, the DC correspondent for NBC News, and in just one tweet of brevity she displays so much that is wrong with our media complex.

Look, we get that these supposed professional journalists are just plain giddy that Biden will likely end up leading the country. However, should they not at least attempt to pretend to harbor a modicum of objectivity?

Let’s look at what is revealed in this. It is a brief tweet to be certain, yet Kasie managed to layer the objectionable content. To start, there is the fawning tone of this message. Here is a reporter, who is supposed to be tasked with challenging our leaders and seeking out truth for the benefit of the gentry. It is rhetorical, but do we sense Ms. Hunt is trying to afflict the comfortable, or is she comforting the afflicted? Kasie here had to put down her pom-poms to send this note, only to continue cheerleading for Biden digitally.

Now, about that content. Kasie is raving about a Joe Biden response to a question and marveling at what a sense of character was revealed by him. Except, as she freely notes, he was completely avoiding answering the question. Biden played the pure political tactic, and she hails the man as if he delivered a platinum-plated dose of wisdom. It is rather pathetic to see a reporter who is completely impressed by a politician giving a politically cagey non-answer.

The reality she claims to be struck by was one we saw throughout the election this year; a man avoiding answering, avoiding the press, avoiding making declarative statements. Biden was elusive with the media as he billeted in his basement and called a lid on the day so frequently that he conditioned reporters for the coming vacation. Even when directly challenged on a few occasions, such as with the premise of packing the Supreme Court, Joe brushed aside going on record with an answer. And reporters like Kasie were impressed.

One other bit of evidence of journalistic malpractice is the claim of Biden’s honesty. She actually said that Biden, ‘’as a rule doesn’t lie’’. This shows that the press has not been able to find cases of Biden lying while on the campaign, entirely as a result that they failed to look for instances when he lied. Just recall how they entirely refused to fact-check the man at the debates

This industry is intent on debasing itself, and they are doing so gleefully.

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