Biden Remarks on Framework Deal Are From Fantasy-Land

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Joe Biden gave a televised address today, saying that they’d finally reached a framework for a deal on the Build Back Better bill.

During that address, he told some bald-faced whoppers.


“I know we have an historic economic framework,” Biden claimed. “It’s fiscally responsible. It’s fully paid for.”

Whoops, that’s two lies right there. It’s an incredibly irresponsible effort to get their wish list of agenda items and it doesn’t even come close to being fully paid for. Indeed, we don’t even really have a full sense of the cost yet, because we don’t even have a written bill or a CBO score on that bill. So this is basically wish-casting, hoping that he can hoodwink people.

Make no mistake, any cutback isn’t going to change the nature of what they’re aiming for in this bill — that fundamental transformation of America that Barack Obama spoke about once upon a time. They see their opportunity and they are going to take it, if they can. Biden said: “Any single part of this framework would fundamentally be viewed as a fundamental change in America.”


Here are some of the highlights.

Not enough whoppers yet? Biden claims that not only will this not add to the deficit but it will reduce the deficit.

My gosh, that’s such a lie that he really should be running straight to the confessional on that one. As we noted, the very numbers they’re throwing around are false and it’s going to be trillions more than they’re claiming it is.

But let’s listen to more fantasy from Biden-land. I don’t even think he understands what he’s saying here.


This isn’t close to reality. You would have to charge them every couple of hours, not to mention it takes time to charge. How long is that trip across America going to be? And how much is it going to cost to do all this, where does he think the electricity comes from? That very energy that he decries.

Once again, you don’t deserve any answers to questions, sorry.

So after all that, where does that leave us? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is indicating she’s calling for a vote. Yet it’s not clear if dozens of progressives are on board, so she and Biden are likely to get embarrassed once again as she did when she previously called for a vote on this.


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