'The F*** It Move of 2020': Departing Congressman Opens a Cold One on House Floor, and We Are Here for It

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House Democrats took an absolute shellacking on Election Day, and one of their many casualties was South Carolina Rep. Joe Cunningham. While he won the historically red 1st Congressional District race in 2018 in an upset, Cunningham lost to GOP nominee Nancy Mace last month by about 5,400 votes.


Cunningham (who is not to be confused with RedState’s beloved senior editor Joe Cunningham) gave a rather contradictory farewell speech on the floor of the U.S. House earlier this week, blasting Republicans for supposed political hypocrisy and allegedly “flirting with white supremacy” while at the same time calling for members of the House Representatives to stop calling each other “the enemy” and start working together in the spirit of bipartisanship and all that.

Though he spent the majority of his time talking out of both sides of his mouth, Cunningham did commit one brave act at the end that showed all hope for post-election unity and healing is not lost after all:

“For the betterment of this country, we have to come together, we have to sit down and listen to one another, and maybe even have a beer,” Cunningham said before grabbing a brew out of an inside pocket of his jacket and snapping it open.

“I raise this glass to my colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans,” he said as he held up what The Post and Courier identified as a can of DC Brau pale ale called Joint Resolution.


Watch as he goes against the House rules and cracks open the beer as he concludes his speech:

Beer summit, anyone?

True to form, South Carolinans who have been elected to serve in Washington, D.C. are known for not following conventional norms, rules, and protocols. Republican Rep. Joe Wilson, who represents the state’s 2nd Congressional District, once infamously shouted “you lie!” during President Obama’s September 2009 address to the nation on healthcare. Obama recently revealed in an interview that he at first wanted to “smack” Wilson for his comments.


“I am shocked,” Obama told CBS This Morning last month. “And my initial instinct is, ‘Let me walk down and smack this guy on the head. What is he thinking?’”

Wilson’s response was to throw Obama’s “New Tone” hypocrisy back in his face. The former president “should know better than to advocate for violence over a disagreement,” Wilson stated. “This type of rhetoric only serves to divide our country, not unite it.”

Trust me when I say that there is never a dull moment in South Carolina politics. Never. That goes double for North Carolina politics as well, but that’s another subject for another day. 😉

(Hat tip: Daily Caller)

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