Notorious Mask-Shaming ‘Journalist’ Gets Hilariously Hoist With His Own Petard and Can't Deal “journalist” Aaron Rupar needs no introduction here. We’ve documented plenty of instances where he’s tweeted out dishonest captions for videos that have been deliberately edited/shortened to make it appear as though people (mostly Republicans or Fox News media figures) have said something shocking and/or outrageous. Rupar’s intentionally deceptive videos have sometimes helped set entire news cycles, as was the case when he smeared a Georgia sheriff’s officer back in March after the Georgia spa shootings to the point the officer almost got fired.


Perhaps even more bizarrely was that one time earlier this year when Rupar actually took issue with how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was sitting during a Republican governors’ town hall on Fox News.

Something else Rupar has become infamous for over the past year or so were repeated instances where he engaged in some mask/COVID-shaming of people who went to sporting and political events sans masks during the pandemic, and the respective Governors of their states like DeSantis and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. Like other Karening journalists, Rupar strongly insinuated that such folks were killing people by allegedly causing “superspreader events” instead of taking precautions by staying at home.

But over the weekend, Rupar got hilariously hoisted with his own petard after he posted pictures of himself with family members at various events, some indoors, some outdoors, where he wasn’t wearing a mask. The one he took the most grief over was attending a packed wrestling event where very few were seen wearing masks – including Rupar:


At a Cubs game (Aaron’s on the left):

At another sporting event:

The “Ruparing” of Rupar was epic:

After Spectator contributor Stephen Miller went after him, they went round and round, with Miller getting the best of him and flinging much of what Rupar has said about maskless people back in his face:

Rupar never said whether or not he was wearing a mask during the wrestling event, so we’ll have to assume he wasn’t:

After he had been thoroughly owned by Miller and others, Rupar seemed to have a convenient change of heart on mask-shaming and having a social life during a pandemic:


Though Rupar was quick to point out that much of his mask-shaming occurred when there was no vaccine, it completely missed the point. We’re being told now that case numbers are up in a lot of states due to the Delta variant and that to be extra safe we should be taking precautions again like masking indoors and outdoors, especially when you know you’ll be in close proximity to others, even when vaccinated. And yet there Rupar was for the entire Labor Day holiday weekend doing things he’d ordinarily shame other people for doing.

If Rupar hadn’t been such a dishonest jerk about shaming people for the last year, the whole back and forth about his “brothers weekend” might have been obnoxious, because he was doing what a lot of Americans were over the holiday weekend – spending time with family and having fun. But it never, ever gets old seeing a hack like Rupar getting held to his own double standards, especially when you consider how often his dishonest video tweets and COVID-shaming rants get amplified by supposedly “objective” reporters.


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