Notoriously Dishonest Vox 'Journalist' Gets Busted in Lie About Biden and Lockdowns, and It Was Glorious

Though my RedState colleagues and I have documented numerous instances of it happening, I have lost count of how often “journalist” Aaron Rupar has been caught tweeting out deceptive video clips of Republicans (and sometimes Fox News reporters) where he purposely takes them out of context to make what they’re saying to sound like something stupid or troubling.


To make things worse, his purposely vague or bogus descriptions are often retweeted uncritically by supposedly objective reporters and Democratic politicians alike who don’t actually watch the videos or ask about the context before they share them.

The latest instance of Rupar trying to pass off a whopper as a fact came this morning when he was doing his usual monitoring of Fox News programming. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), who like many Republicans is against lockdowns, was being interviewed at the time about his anti-lockdown bill and made a statement about how President Biden had been a proponent of wanting to lock the country down during the pandemic.

“The second part of the bill says, ‘look, the president cannot unilaterally lock down the country’ as Joe Biden had said that he would want to do, luckily never did, but now we put it into law,” Crenshaw told “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy.

Rupar tweeted out Crenshaw’s remarks, and above them he said Crenshaw was “lying” and that Biden “never said this”:


Except yes – yes, Biden did say such a thing. Crenshaw and several others brought receipts to prove it:

Spectator contributor Stephen Miller even reported Rupar to Twitter’s “Birdwatch” program for tweeting “misleading information.” Heh:

Anyone wondering how it is that fake news from liberal sources so often goes viral should look to Rupar as Exhibit A. And because so-called “journalists” in the MSM keep amplifying his work, he continues to get away with it (with only very rare exceptions).


As I’ve said before, it’d be nice if the same mainstream media reporters and fact-checkers at news outlets like the NYT, the Washington Post, CNN, and all the rest would do their jobs and fact-check dishonest left-wing hacks like this into oblivion. Sadly, they’re too busy being dishonest left-wing hacks themselves and sharing those types of tweets, lending them credence and helping these smear merchants set bogus narratives, which just goes to show you (again) that their supposed commitment to preventing the spread of fake news is nothing more than a steaming pile of hot garbage.

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