Joe Biden Gets Brutalized on Multiple Fronts in Latest Polling Numbers as Afghanistan Debacle Worsens

Joe Biden Gets Brutalized on Multiple Fronts in Latest Polling Numbers as Afghanistan Debacle Worsens
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To put it mildly, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated big time over the last week. Along with it have been President Joe Biden’s polling numbers, which were already on the decline prior to last week but which have only gotten worse since.

Before we get into the new data, let’s take a look at some of what my colleagues have recently reported about his falling numbers.

Not only did Biden’s scripted Afghanistan speech not resonate well among even Democrats, but his handling of the crisis overall did not sit well with the American people, with a staggering 69.3% disapproving.

In addition to that, for the first time in his admnistration Biden’s approval number average dipped below 50%. In one poll that heavily oversampled Democrats, Biden still didn’t fare well, coming in with a 48% approval rating.

With all of that in mind, let’s turn to some fresh numbers that were released today. They confirm that Biden’s support with the American people is further eroding, dropping seven points in one weekend:

The Reuters/Ipsos survey, conducted Monday, found that 46 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s performance — the lowest of the weekly polls taken since Biden entered the White House in January. ​

A similar poll published last Friday showed Biden with a 53 percent approval rating.

​​In addition to that, support for withdrawing from Afghanistan dropped 20 points from April:

The debacle in Afghanistan is also shaking Americans’ feelings about pulling out of the country.

Meanwhile, just 49 percent of Americans now support the withdrawal, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll taken over the weekend, compared to 69 percent in April.

In addition to the Biden administration, the hardest hit at hearing the news of Biden’s cratering numbers will be “journalists” like New York Times Congressional correspondent/Biden apologist Jonathan Weisman, who last week bizarrely suggested that “ultimately, a war-weary nation may well give him a pass for ending America’s longest war, regardless of the short-term costs in blood and treasure.”

As I said in response, I’m fairly certain that even though America is indeed a “war-weary nation,” that most people here, especially those with skin in the game, those who’ve had to set the dinner table with one less place setting during the holidays and other special occasions, are not going to be willing to give Joe Biden a pass on this considering the blood, sweat, and tears that American men and women in the military put into Afghanistan over the last 19 years, with 20,066 wounded and 2,448 making the ultimate sacrifice. Not to mention the countless sacrifices made by our allies around the world, including those in Afghanistan.

I think all these numbers bear me out, but ultimately only time will tell.

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