The New York Times Provides Us With Perhaps the Most Stunningly Bad Afghanistan Hot Take of All

The stories, images, and videos we’ve seen come out of Afghanistan over the last several days have been nothing short of disturbing, horrific.

For instance, there were the heartbreaking and tragic scenes from Kabul airport, where Afghans desperate to escape the violence and carnage were seen clinging to U.S. transport planes as they took off, with some falling to their deaths.


There was also the exclusive report from RedState’s Hollie McKay on how Afghan military commanders may have been bribed by the Taliban to surrender cities and equipment. Further, there is growing concern over the future of women and girls in Afghanistan under Taliban domination. The signals so far don’t look good at all.

Some are suggesting what happened at the airport and in other parts of Afghanistan as civilians tried to flee was President Joe Biden’s “Saigon moment,” and it’s hard to argue against such points, especially now that the so-called adults are supposedly back in charge, though Biden and key members of his administration are nowhere to be found.

In any event, though some media hot takes have been surprisingly on point, others have been nauseatingly predictable, with supposed “reporters” doing their level best to paint the Biden administration in the most flattering of lights despite the events that are unfolding in a deteriorating Afghanistan as we speak.

Perhaps the worst of the bunch was New York Times Congressional correspondent Jonathan Weisman, who on Sunday night chimed in with what may have been the worst, most tone-deaf hot take of them all in defense of Team Biden:


Umm… no. I’m fairly certain that even though America is indeed a “war-weary nation,” that most people here, especially those with skin in the game, those who’ve had to set the dinner table with one less place setting during the holidays and other special occasions, are not going to be willing to give Joe Biden a pass on this considering the blood, sweat, and tears that American men and women in the military put into Afghanistan over the last 19 years, with 20,066 wounded and 2,448 making the ultimate sacrifice. Not to mention the countless sacrifices made by our allies around the world, including those in Afghanistan.


For another perspective, make sure to check out my RedState colleague streiff’s Sunday piece in which he argues that “The Generals Can Blame Joe Biden for Today’s Afghanistan Debacle, They Can’t Blame the Last Twenty Years of Lies and Incompetence on Him.”



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