Wowsers: Chuck Todd’s Suggestion for How to Convince Cuomo to Resign Was Something Else

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Thanks to the extremely damning report released Tuesday by New York Attorney General Leticia James (D) that detailed how Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed a number of women and tried to retaliate against at least one of them, the embattled Democrat who was once nicknamed “the Luv Guv” has become persona non grata in his own party, with calls to resign coming even from President Biden and talk of impeachment ratcheting up.


As it turns out, it’s not just prominent figures in the Democratic party who are pushing for Gov. Cuomo to step aside. The same Democratic apologists in the mainstream media who plumped Cuomo’s pillow and rolled out the red carpet for him every chance they got last year in the midst of his disastrous handling of the Wuhan virus pandemic are also pressing Cuomo to step down, as evidenced during a segment of “Meet the Press Daily” on MSNBC yesterday where the exchange between the panelists and left-wing partisan anchor Chuck Todd took a rather strange turn.

During the discussion, former President Bill Clinton, an admitted serial adulterer who was also accused during his administration of sexual harassment and rape was mentioned several times, with one of the guests on Todd’s show pointing out how Cuomo’s earlier denials reminded him of Clinton’s denials of an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

“It called to mind that iconic video, must have brought to mind for you, Chuck, I almost wanted him to hold his fingers like Bill Clinton did when he said… ‘I did not have sexual’ – right, exactly,” legal analyst Danny Cevallos recalled as Todd said, “wag the finger.” Cevallos further went on to opine about how Clinton had “that special way of hooking his finger over the thumb. And I almost expected that [from Cuomo].”


Later, after suggesting that Cuomo was perhaps operating by the “Clinton playbook” with his denials and insinuations that this was a politically motivated hit job, Todd weighed in with a bizarre suggestion as to how Cuomo maybe could be convinced to throw in the towel. It was phrased in the form of a question, a neat trick liberally biased journalists use when they want to appear to be neutral.

“What would you advise President Biden to do here?” Todd inquired of Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards, who represents Maryland’s 4th Congressional district. “He might be the only Democrat who could, in a private conversation, talk – I could make the argument, he might be – he and Bill Clinton, and maybe Barack Obama, the three of them – might be able to talk Cuomo into resigning. How would you advise President Biden to go about this?”


Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think Bill Clinton is going to be the guy to convince Cuomo to resign. As we all know, he did not resign during his two terms in office even as his various sexual misconduct scandals routinely played out in the press, and outside of his law license being suspended for five years, Clinton paid no political price for his wrongdoing and is regarded as a liberal icon in Democratic circles to this very day.


Let’s also remember that Biden was hit with multiple credible allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching before he even declared his candidacy in the spring of 2019. A year after those claims came to light and as it became clear he was going to be the nominee, Biden was accused by his former Senate staffer Tara Reade of rape. He issued weak apologies for the inappropriate touching and denied the Reade allegation, and the rest is history.

Nice try, Chuck Todd, but as they say, no cigar. (pun intended)

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