Chuck Todd Does a Very Chuck Toddian Thing During Report on Texas Weather Conditions

Chuck Todd Does a Very Chuck Toddian Thing During Report on Texas Weather Conditions
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As a major winter storm blankets Texas and continues to cause massive power outages, a lot of predictable dunking from the Usual Suspects has commenced, with old tweets from Texas Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz and Attorney General Ken Paxton on California’s energy priorities being rehashed for dramatic effect.

Unfortunately, the cheap shots haven’t been confined to digging up old tweets from prominent political figures in the state on the right. Others, including some in the mainstream media, have taken Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste” philosophy to heart when “reporting” on the Lone Star state’s weather woes, seemingly finding it fitting to kick shivering residents while they’re down.

One such media figure who couldn’t resist the urge to needle Texans in the middle of the state’s weather crisis was NBC News anchor Todd, who is the host of the network’s long-running Sunday “Meet the Press” program. Todd was doing a report on the frigid temperatures in Texas today and was set hand the segment over to his colleague Morgan Chesky, who was out in the field. Before doing so, however, Todd made the following remarks:

“Morgan, about the only upside here is I assume the cold weather motivates people to wear a mask, ’cause it’s one extra layer on your face, but how bad is it, Morgan?”

Watch below (starts at about the :20 mark)

It wasn’t a good look, to say the least:

As I’ve said before, Todd is one of those national media reporters who likes to pretend he and his “objective” colleagues are above the partisan antics of his co-workers on the opinion side at NBC News HQ.

Unfortunately for Todd, his interviews with and reports on Republicans and red states tell the true story of his left-wing partisanship, as do those of the other supposedly “politically neutral” anchors at the network.

Yes, Texans are tough people and they’re used to taking much worse incoming flak from willfully ignorant people in the media and on the left. But maybe journalists like Chuck Todd should consider taking a different approach going forward when reporting on the storms and power issues there – because I’m pretty sure the last thing Texans who are trying to keep warm want to hear right now is a mask swipe from a smug, well-paid reporter who is sitting either in a well-heated TV studio or in the comfort and warmth of his home pointing fingers as millions suffer.

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