L.A. Reporter Brings Receipts After Actor Makes Ridiculous Claim About Border Surges Under Trump

Jennifer Van Laar/RedState

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin (formerly of Fox L.A.) has been on the ground at the Texas/Mexico border for weeks now reporting on the escalating migrant surge and other issues related to the border crisis, and the guy clearly knows his stuff.

That was more than evident after Hollywood actor Daniel Newman took issue with a recent report from Melugin detailing the latest on what he and his news crew have witnessed as they report live on the scene.

Here’s how it started:

Newman then chimed in with his sizzling hot take by ridiculously trying to compare four years of Trump numbers to 7 months worth of Biden’s:

Melugin responded with receipts, pointing out that the border surge just in the first few months of the Biden administration is already close to eclipsing Trump’s 2019 numbers (which was the high point in his administration), and the year is barely half over:

Melugin’s debunking of Newman’s easily disprovable claim (along with an assist from Heritage’s John Cooper, who also weighed in) seriously triggered the actor, who has probably posted some 15-20 or more tweets between the two of them, laughably telling them to “take the L” even though he was the one clearly in the wrong.

It got so comical that at one point when Newman used a sourceless chart that didn’t even include Biden’s numbers from this year so far beyond February…

… Melugin nuked him again and again:

At the rate Biden’s going, within two years or less his migrant surge numbers are likely to surpass all four years of Trump’s numbers, which was the underlying point Melugin tried to make but which Newman refused to acknowledge because apparently, he considers “bbbbut Trump!” an effective counterargument.

Newman’s IMDB page lists him as having had a role in one episode of the new DisneyPlus Loki series and stints on The Walking Dead, Homeland, and The Vampire Diaries, as well as in movies like Children of the Corn and The Dark Knight Rises.

I’m not one who tells entertainers and sports figures to shut up and act/sing/play because they have as much right as anyone to speak their mind. But this is definitely one of those situations where it might have been a good idea for Daniel Newman to sit it out instead of trying to leapfrog ahead of actress Alyssa Milano for entry into the Social Media Hall of Shame.

Just sayin’.

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