NBC News 'Reporter' Accidentally Reveals Next Front in Media War on Critical Race Theory Opponents

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Because opponents of Critical Race Theory have seen some successes at the local level in their battle to prevent the racial brainwashing of impressionable young children in public schools, the mainstream media has officially declared war on their grassroots efforts by portraying them as mindless (and racist) Astroturf props who are being fed lies about CRT from well-funded conservative groups and “propagandists” like Tucker Carlson and other prominent conservative movers and shakers.


And if you paid attention only to reporters like NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny, you’d think conservatives using some of the same mobilization tactics the left does was a criminal offense. Zadrozny, as my colleague Bonchie reported, is one of the lead reporters for the left-wing network working hard to demonize those who stand opposed to teaching children to believe their country is inherently racist, systemic racism is everywhere, all black people are victims, and that some of their classmates have much to atone for simply because they were born white.

She co-wrote a piece with two colleagues earlier this week on how the battle over CRT had “invaded local school boards” thanks to “well-connected conservative activists, and Fox News … ramp[ing] up the tension in fights over race and equity in schools.” The nerve. The piece got the attention of MSNBC “All In” host Chris Hayes, who invited her on the program to parrot what she wrote without any critical pushback whatsoever.

What did Zadrozny accidentally reveal that was so concerning? That the next front in the media’s war on CRT opponents was in how they get their information:

So, it’s hard for me as a reporter because I don’t want to put FOILs in a bad light, right? Freedom of Information Laws are wonderful things. But it is in fact, a tactic of national and just hyper — and fast-growing local organizations to use onerous public records requests. So, we’ll see what we saw in Maine is asking for all of these records requests of, you know, how much money did you spend on anything involving race. And then that is used to sort of frame, again, the school board as being — as paying for CRT, which, again, is just not the case.

And so, that’s what happened there. In Nevada, we saw, again, this local group called Nevada Family Alliance, who was really known for trying to get drag queen story hour stopped at the local libraries, and now she — one activist there told me that this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. So, she files these onerous FOIA requests, gets them, and then translates them in a way that’s just not correct or accurate in a way to suggest that, again, the school board is coming for your children and teachers are specifically teaching kindergarteners — white kindergarteners that they’re somehow oppressors. It’s just not really true.

So, onerous FOIA request, school board meetings being showing up in mass and yelling at school board members, all of this is sort of a tactic.


It was just someone with a direct line to Tucker Carlson and his producers. And then you can see how long it takes by after — by that evening, you know, you’ll be on his cable news show sort of promoting this lie. And again, like you said, really targeting and endangering the school board members.


Get the message? We better start putting limits on FOIA requests to keep those pesky conservatives from getting their hands on information that might help them be better able to raise awareness about issues important to local parents and students and other educators. Watch:

Yours truly responded accordingly:

Let’s call Zadrozny’s actions for what they are. It’s not objective journalism. It’s left-wing activism disguised as unbiased “reporting” in order to help craft a narrative and paint people with legitimate concerns as The Enemy. She and her colleagues (including NBC’s Ben Collins, another “woke” activist masquerading as a reporter) started off with a negative premise about CRT opponents and then sought to frame the story around that bogus narrative. We saw these same tactics when the Tea Party rose to prominence years ago and they’re doing it again now.


What will you never, ever see from “reporters” like Zadrozny? In-depth pieces on actual Astroturf campaigns like how billionaire-funded activist left groups use tools like Craiglist and unions to find people to pay and stage as “concerned citizens” at protests across the country (complete with bus tickets in hand) in order to inflate participation numbers, whip up people into a frenzy, and make “support” for their movement seem bigger than it actually is. These same groups also utilize willing accomplices like Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Chris Cuomo, and other prominent media figures on the left to amplify their claims and stir up online outrage mobs to further make it look like there is overwhelming support for their ideas.

How do we know this? We’ve seen it happen with the Defund the Police movement and anti-voter ID movements. If you just read social media and left-wing media outlets like the NYT and CNN you’d think a majority of people in America supported both movements but they don’t. The Defund the Police movement has failed spectacularly and despite the left’s best efforts, a majority of Americans including black people still support voter ID.

On the other hand, there is real and growing opposition to CRT. And no matter how much media hacks like Brandy Zadrozny and others keep waging smear campaigns in an effort to suppress and silence them, they are not going to go away. In fact, this will only make them louder. As it should.


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