The Babylon Bee Scores a Huge Victory Against the New York Times

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We’re big fans of The Babylon Bee, a hilarious conservative satire website that oftentimes runs afoul of humorless media hall monitors and supposed “fact-checkers” for scoring direct hits in appropriately characterizing the biased “reporting” of national news outlets like the NY Times, the Washington Post, and other news outlets.

The Bee has become so popular over the years that the Times, in particular, became borderline obsessed with trying to get them falsely labeled by other media outlets and the “fact-checkers” they and Big Tech rely on as a site that publishes “misinformation under the guise of satire.”

Tensions reached a boiling point when, back in March, Bee CEO Seth Dillon hinted that the site would take legal action (“I’m pretty sure there’s a legal term for what’s happening here”) if the paper did not alter an article they published about Facebook’s “trouble in dealing with satire” to remove all references to the Babylon Bee as a “misinformation” website because it was, in the Bee’s view, defamatory.

Here we are three months later, and we are learning that the Bee’s persistence finally paid off. Dillon took to the Twitter machine this morning to update readers with the good news:

Dillon insinuated it was the implied threat of legal action that ultimately did the trick:

Indeed. As I’ve said before, the moral of the story here is twofold. First, when attacked by a supposedly credible and respected news organization (or public figure) with claims that are demonstrably untrue, it’s wise and to your credit to not back down. And two, if you’re a media outlet and you’re going to come for The Babylon Bee, maybe think twice before doing so. Because in the war of words, you will have your patootie kicked and then some.

And, as Dillon noted, you will also lose.

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