Not Funny: Babylon Bee Hires Legal Representation to Defend Against Snopes Libel

The Babylon Bee often makes light of their ongoing “feud” with Snopes – the political “fact-checking” website. After Snopes hilariously fact-checked the satirical site, BB was forced to go on the defensive a bit. Being labeled as “fake news” on Facebook these days can drastically affect an outlet’s income. We here at Redstate are not without our struggles in that same vein.


However, after repeated characterizations from Snopes as “false” or “fake” news the comedic blog has been (unbelievably) forced to hire legal representation. Given the climate of social media and the demonetization of many conservative and right-of-center voices, this seems like a ridiculous but necessary step to take. The Bee issued a statement explaining why they feel forced to defend themselves against such insanity.

No news on when Snopes will start fact-checking The Daily Show.


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