Babylon Bee Relentlessly Hammers CNN After Journalist Frets Over Their Higher Social Media Share Counts


FILE – This Jan. 17, 2001 file photo shows pedestrians entering CNN Center, the headquarters for CNN, in downtown Atlanta. (AP Photo/Ric Feld, File)

The more the Babylon Bee gets attacked by so-called “fact checkers” and mainstream media types, the more it punches back with a vengeance.


My RedState colleague Brad Slager wrote earlier this week about how CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan was doing quite a bit of fretting over the weekend after analyzing the amount of social media shares a recent Babylon Bee article received in comparison to “real” media outlets during the same week:

To recap, here’s what O’Sullivan tweeted:

The piece O’Sullivan was referencing was titled “Democrats Call For Flags To Be Flown At Half-Mast To Grieve Death Of Soleimani”. Neither O’Sullivan nor the woman whose tweet he cited bothered to link to the actual article because of course they wouldn’t want their followers to decide for themselves if it appears to be “real” news or satire.


Might disrupt the narrative and stuff.

That being said, Nick Short had a very plausible explanation for why some people would not view the Bee’s piece as satire:

Fair point.

It is perhaps that point the Bee had in mind when it responded in kind to O’Sullivan’s trolling by hammering his employer in the days following his mini-rant on Twitter, both by way of new pieces and sharing older pieces that are timeless:

The one below references the “results” of a “CNN poll” – LOL:


They have done many, many more satire pieces on CNN in the past – if you’re in the need for a good laugh, or just otherwise want to have some online fun at CNN’s expense, click this link.

The irony of all this is in learning that CNN actually has someone on staff tasked with “covering disinformation”, which is exactly what O’Sullivan has noted in his Twitter profile.

Maybe it’s just me but if I was O’Sullivan, I’d worry about covering and combating disinformation at my own network before I started casting stones in other directions.

Just sayin’.


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