WaPo/ABC News Poll on Biden's Approval Rating at 100 Days Shows Sobering Reality Beginning to Set In

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Prior to Election Day, Joe Biden made some rather lofty promises to the American people about getting the economy back on track (though it was already headed in that direction) and beginning the process of resolving the coronavirus crisis — a process that in reality had already started under President Trump’s leadership.


At the same time, Biden was pushing the idea that he could be the uniter in chief who could put America back in the saddle again after 8 months of pandemic lockdowns, the mainstream media dutifully carried his water, downplaying the possibility a coronavirus vaccine could be made available before the year and casting doubt on its effectiveness because it was supposedly being “rushed” due to politics. The vaccine, Biden, Democrats, and the media noted, was the key for this country returning to normal, but it needed his “board of scientists” to review it first.

But here Biden is at the 100-day mark in his presidency, and new poll numbers released by Democrat-friendly media outlets show that reality has finally set in for the American people. Despite incessant media fangirling, Biden’s approval rating sits at 52%, which is the third-lowest 100-day rating since the days of Harry Truman:

Intense partisanship is holding Joe Biden to a tepid job approval rating — the third-lowest for any president at 100 days in office since Harry Truman — along with continued economic dislocation, pandemic impacts and questions about Biden’s view of the size and role of government.

All told, 52% of Americans in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of Biden’s work in office, lower than any president at 100 days in office since 1945, save Gerald Ford in 1974 (48%, after his unpopular pardon of Richard Nixon) and Donald Trump at 42% in 2017. For the 14 presidents from Truman to Biden, the 100-day average is 66%.


Digging deeper into the poll, one can see that it’s not just “intense partisanship” driving Biden’s numbers. A majority of independents don’t approve of him at this stage, which is lower from previous presidents outside of Trump:

Independents, most of whom lean toward one of the two parties, look different as well. In earlier years, sizable majorities of independents approved of the new president at 100 days — 75% for Reagan, for example, and 67% as recently as Obama. Today, 47% of independents approve of Biden’s work — better than Trump’s 38% at the same point, but far from what previous presidents have seen.


Though Biden got high marks for his handling of the pandemic, he squeaked by at 52% on the economy, and he got low marks for his handling of the border crisis, which matches up with other recent polls taken on the issue. Along with that, a comfortable 60% prefers he try to work with Republicans to get legislation passed while 30% said he should ram through his agenda regardless of whether or not he has Republican support.

Biden should know from his decades of experience in politics that a candidate writing checks with his mouth during a political campaign that he ultimately cannot cash once he’s in office oftentimes does not bode well for their reelection chances. But considering the rumors that swirled last year about how he either only intended on serving one term or planned on turning the reins over to Vice President Harris at some point, he might be throwing caution to the wind here.

Also, Biden being a willing proxy for “woke” leftists who are leaving him little option but to drift more and more to the far left on issues like police reform, voting laws, and illegal immigration is not going to help him out long-term, which will ultimately leave a wide opening for a straight-talker like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to make inroads with the same minority voters who gravitated towards President Trump during the election over issues like defunding the police, border security, and economic shutdowns.


We’ve got a long way to go between now and when the 2024 campaigning officially kicks off, but the fact that Biden is already seeing cracks in his wall of support is going to cause his handlers headaches, so look for them to more severely sequester him in an effort to keep him from saying (and doing) things that have the potential to get him and his administration in trouble.

(Hat tip: Daily Wire)

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