It Takes Just One Tweet for Ric Grenell to Perfectly Undercut Ridiculous CNN Puff Piece on Biden and Vaccines

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Last week, I reported on a pro-Biden piece published by CNN that would have impressed the hell out of Pravda just by the headline alone, which read as follows: “How the US went from having one of the worst Covid responses to being a global leader in vaccinations under Biden.”

The kicker was in how heavily the “report” relied on various White House officials to back up its premise. For example, the first two paragraphs informed us how CNN’s “reporting” was sourced – via “three of the administration’s top Covid advisers and two other White House officials.” In other words, the basis for the CNN story on what a magnificent leader Biden allegedly was on the coronavirus fight was what partisan White House operators were telling them:

For the last 100 days, President Joe Biden and his top advisers have mounted an urgent, wartime effort to get millions of coronavirus vaccines into the arms of Americans in order to beat back a pandemic that has upended the world for the better part of year.

The effort, described to CNN during in-depth interviews with three of the administration’s top Covid advisers and two other White House officials, has allowed the US to go from having one of the worst Covid responses in the world to being a global leader in getting shots in arms. The interviews reveal how the Biden team inherited a pandemic at its zenith with a high demand for vaccines and little supply, along with no long-term plan to vaccinate millions of Americans. The President, at times impatient, pressed his advisers harder on ways to improve the federal government’s response to the virus.

The propaganda piece, which of course was touted by White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates and retweeted by Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain, left out a key fact, however, that was central to the Biden administration’s efforts to “put vaccine needles in the arms of every American”: Operation Warp Speed.

Though the original CNN piece went up a week ago, they’re still heavily promoting it a week later, which has put some new eyes on it – namely former acting DNI Ric Grenell, who completely and perfectly undercut the network’s latest gift to Biden in one tweet:

Fact check: True. Here was Biden getting his first coronavirus vaccine dose in mid-December:

Here was Biden getting his second dose of the vaccine in early January:

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program has been credited by Biden chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, his boss Dr. Francis Collins, and the widely respected former head of Operation Warp Speed Dr. Moncef Slaoui as obviously being the crucial component to the Biden administration’s distribution program by providing the vaccine itself, beginning the distribution process, and laying the groundwork for contracts with drug manufacturers to produce more.

Surprisingly, some reporters at left-leaning news outlets have taken to reminding Biden officials of the Trump admin’s work on the coronavirus vaccine, which just shows you the level of frustration that is creeping in among even some in the White House press corps over this administration’s continued insistence on pretending they had to “start from scratch” on a distribution plan.

Fortunately, the so-called “facts first” network isn’t totally devoid of journalists and anchors who are willing to go against the grain and challenge the Biden administration on their mixed coronavirus messages. CNN’s Chris Cuomo and White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond both raised issues last week about the confusing signals Biden and his team have been sending with wearing masks outside even after the CDC said it’s ok to go maskless outdoors as long as you’ve been fully vaccinated.

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