CNN's Jim Acosta Reaches Unhealthy Desperation Levels in Latest Attack on Tucker Carlson

I don’t have exact numbers but I would guesstimate that around 50% of CNN”s time is spent attacking Fox News, with Tucker Carlson being their primary target. That estimate includes all the instances of hall monitors Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy incessantly “Karening” the network on social media by taking what Carlson and other anchors and Republican guests say out of context.


If you ask them about it, they’ll laughably pretend they’re standing on principle. They’ll proclaim they’re calling out supposedly bad actors in the media, all in an effort — they want people to believe — to “elevate the national dialogue.”

It’s horse poop, of course, but don’t blame me — I’m just the messenger here.

The real issue the cast of characters at CNN have with the Fox News line-up, Carlson especially, is that — outside of a brief period of time post-election when CNN was riding the “President-Elect Biden” wave — they simply cannot knock off their competition. Fox consistently leaves CNN in the dust, with Carlson in particular seemingly unable to be touched by their rivals’/critics’ various campaigns to have him canceled for WrongSpeak.

But while Stelter and Darcy are arguably Carlson’s most vocal critics at CNN, their colleague Jim Acosta is not far behind with his weird obsession.

The formerly boisterous White House correspondent-turned-boringly sullen CNN weekender frequently bashes Carlson (when he’s not precariously perched on a tree branch “reporting” on former President Trump’s latest golf outing), often trotting out the “white supremacy” card because apparently, that’s what so-called “objective reporters” are supposed to do in a country with nothing more pressing to report on than what CNN’s competitors are talking about.


The latest instance of Acosta attacking Carlson just shows that an unhealthy level of desperation has definitely set in. Here’s what he said Saturday in yet another bizarre rant:

ACOSTA: But let’s be real. How can you hear that and doubt what’s going on? But it’s not just Laura Ingraham. How about Tucker Carlson who in the wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict showed us all what’s under the hood?


But let’s be real. Tucker Carlson’s anger not about the actions of a police officer who murdered a man but about the verdict, or as Carlson, Fox’s chief white power correspondent, described the decision, please don’t hurt us.

Now you can call this an act or a shtick, but this big, race-baiting lies have been spreading like a cancer on the far right, they are dangerous and they have reached the halls of Congress.

The irony of a performative “journalist” like Jim Acosta accusing someone else of employing an “act” or “shtick” should not be lost on anyone. Watch:

Over at TownHall, radio talk show host and TH columnist Larry O’Connor is urging Carlson to “sue the hell” out of Acosta:

It pains me to say it, but it’s time for us to use the courts and the legal system to wage “lawfare” on the lying, defamatory slanders the Left in the media has been throwing our way for years.

It truly does pain me to say it because it goes against so much I have believed for so long.


So, what’s changed?

Acosta isn’t some blogger. CNN isn’t some random website like Gawker (RIP) or Mediaite. CNN is owned by AT&T and has a worldwide audience. And Acosta’s presentation is not that of a pundit providing an opinion on a panel discussion or that of a prime-time opinion host. He’s one of their reporters who was anchoring a news program in the middle of the day.


My thought on it is that Carlson is earning more conservative street cred, winning over frustrated liberal converts, and making more money off of Acosta sitting right where he is than he ever would in a lawsuit, should he attempt one.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the idea of Carlson suing Acosta?

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