Jim Acosta's Weird Obsession With Tucker Carlson Just Gets More Cringe

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CNN is ostensibly a news network, but lately, they’ve spent most of their time obsessing about Fox News. In fact, they seemingly have an entire news division that just watches Tucker Carlson and cries about things the top-rated host says. Brian Stelter leads that effort, but now that Jim Acosta is a marginal, weekend host as well (notice he got kicked off his White House beat the moment Trump left), he’s getting in on the act.


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Yesterday, Acosta launched into a petty, childish attack on Carlson for daring to suggest that unfettered, illegal immigration might not be the best thing in the world for the country.

As I’ve said before, when a left-winger like Acosta pulls out the “white supremacist” card, they’ve actually got no substantive argument to make. It’s easier to name-call and to try to paint Carlson as a racist than to actually rebut what he says. That’s become a theme on CNN, with Stelter dedicating his entire show today to crying about the Fox News host daring to exist.

In the end, though, when one network is obsessing attacking a guy who blows them away in ratings, the guy blowing them away in ratings is winning. Carlson knows that, which is why he’ll occasionally joke about Stelter and Acosta, but mostly, he just ignores them. Doing that clearly drives these CNN flacks insane. They want to be acknowledged by Carlson as peers and competitors. Acosta, Stelter, and the rest of their crew aren’t though, so they get the attention they deserve, which isn’t much.


There’s something pathetic about how Acosta conducts himself. He calls Carlson a “wack job.” Well, that “wack job” is crushing CNN in the ratings, making news constantly, and influencing tens of millions of people. Meanwhile, Acosta is relegated to whining about Fox News on a low-rent weekend show. Who would you rather be?

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