Jim Acosta Does a Very Jim Acosta Thing While Getting COVID Vaccine, Receives Responses He Deserves

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In the battle of which CNN anchor/showman is most obsessed with former President Donald Trump, some would say the honor should go to their media hall monitor Brian Stelter. Others would say former White House correspondent Jim Acosta should be considered the hands-down winner.


But while that particular debate rages on, one thing indisputable about Jim Acosta, even in mainstream media circles, is the fact that Mr. Acosta is even more obsessed with himself than he is with his nemesis, Trump. There is much evidence to support this claim, including screen grabs of the photos that were atop Acosta’s Twitter page just last month (he has since changed the header):

The latest instance of Jim Acosta doing a very Jim Acosta thing comes courtesy of a photo he posted to Twitter Monday where he was shown getting the coronavirus vaccine. “Just the shot in the arm I needed,” he proclaimed. “The latest studies show the Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective. Please do your part to end this pandemic. Get your shot!” he urged his Twitter followers.

But the message he sent was more than just about merely encouraging people to get vaccinated. Check out the t-shirt he wore to get the vaccine:

Here’s a closer look:


As usual, he made receiving a coronavirus shot all about himself and the supposedly wonderful things he’d done as a reporter during the Trump administration. Unfortunately for Acosta, the responses to his tweet pushed back on the idea that he is some sort of exemplary standard-bearer for what journalism should be all about:

And the best ones:


Perhaps what makes Acosta’s shirt worse is that it’s one being sold by the White House Correspondents’ Association, which includes many members of the media who still simply do not get that their job is not to make themselves and their obvious liberal biases the story:

Ugh. They never learn, do they?

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