Ex-CNN Producer Dunks on Former Colleague: 'Jim Acosta Loves Nothing More Than Jim Acosta'

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FILE – In this Aug. 2, 2018 file photo, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta does a stand up before the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)


Poor Jim Acosta just can’t catch a break.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent, known for being more of a showman than a journalist during White House pressers, has not only thoroughly embarrassed himself in recent weeks with his antics during the Wuhan coronavirus task for press briefings, but he also can’t seem to get much love from current and former colleagues.

RedState’s Jeff Charles wrote earlier this month about how White House Correspondents’ Association president Jonathan Karl from ABC News busted on Acosta in a new book, writing that Acosta plays “right into the explicit Trump strategy of portraying the press as the opposition party” by acting like more of an “opinion journalist” than an objective journalist.

On the heels of Karl’s rebuke comes one from former CNN producer Steve Krakauer, who roasted Acosta along with PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor in his Sunday newsletter.

Krakauer started off by noting that he felt Acosta “could probably” turn into a “great White House reporter” if he wanted to, but that that clearly was not his goal:

Jim Acosta wants to be famous. I’ve written before, three years ago, that Acosta clearly aspires to use this opportunity to spar with President Trump, #Resistance Signal on Twitter and generally build his brand to move on to bigger things – a prime time show maybe, or at least a few late night TV appearances.

After posting a photo of what Acosta’s Twitter header and photo looked like during his book tour last year, Krakauer bluntly stated that “Jim Acosta loves nothing more than Jim Acosta.”


Krakauer then quipped about how perhaps one day we’d find out Acosta was “secretly working” for Trump’s re-election campaign with his narcissistic behavior, which Krakauer believes makes all of the press “look bad”:

But I’ve also half-joked that if we found out, years from now, that Acosta was actually a plant and was secretly working for the Trump re-election campaign, I wouldn’t be shocked.


… exchanges like the ones with Acosta and Alcindor Friday during coronavirus briefings are actively helping Trump get re-elected – and they make all in the press look bad.

Krakauer, who is now a media critic, has previously blasted Acosta’s “look at me!” antics during White House briefings, stating in June 2018 that Acosta was “Truly an embarrassment, on multiple levels.”

The former CNN producer has been accused of being a Trump fan because of what he’s written about his former colleague, but he says he’s not and claims he did not vote for him.

Either way, he’s absolutely spot on about Jim Acosta, who has turned into the Rodney Dangerfield of the White House press corps. Aww.



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