Chuck Todd Uses Georgia Spa Murders to Clamp Down on China Criticism, the CCP Has Got to Be Loving It

After last week’s horrific Georgia spa mass shootings that saw 8 murdered including 6 who were of Asian descent, it was only a matter of time before our intellectual betters on the left and in the MSM pivoted from blaming former President’s Trump’s rhetoric on the Wuhan virus to something that is actually dangerous.


During a broader “Meet the Press” segment on attacks against Asian-Americans, anchor Chuck Todd used the murders to press his guests — which included a couple of left-wing heavy hitters — on how America could do better going forward on listening to their concerns on the issue of bias and hate crimes against their community. He did this even though a motive has not yet been established in the Georgia cases beyond an alleged sexual addiction claim made by 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, the admitted perpetrator.

Towards the close of the program, Todd asked Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston about hate crimes against the Asian-American community out west, where Todd claimed they were “more integrated” than a lot of other places in the country. Ralston eagerly jumped at the chance to bash Trump for blaming the coronavirus on China:

Ralston: “Well, we have, indeed, Chuck, and it’s all very distressing. And even though, as you pointed out, it’s unclear whether the Atlanta shootings were a hate crime or not, it’s good that this discussion is occurring. You know, Eddie said there’s a through-line in, in this program. I think it is that words matter, Chuck. And while this existed long before Donald Trump, the fact that he has, he had an utter lack of empathy during Covid, and that he was so desperate to escape political responsibility that he continually used phrases like “the China Virus,” that clearly has exacerbated these problems based on the stats that you just put up there, Chuck. And, and no law is going to solve that. And this is a place where Joe Biden and especially Kamala Harris can do a lot of good, I think.”


Towards the end of Ralston’s remarks, you could hear Todd say things like “yep” in the background, especially during his comments about Biden and Harris, as though what the left-wing journalist said was the gospel truth.

But it’s what Todd said to close out the show that raised eyebrows. In a nutshell, Todd suggested that American politicians should temper their criticism of China so as to potentially avoid inspiring future incidents of Asian-American bias in the United States:

Todd: “Well, look, unfortunately, I’m out of time there. And all these elected officials, when they talk about China, the country, as a rival and an adversary to this country, be careful of your words. That matters too. And I know there’s a lot of fear that as the rivalry heats up with China, that these, these hateful incidents will also increase here. That’s all we have for today. Thank you all for watching.”

Watch the exchange below via MRC-TV:

Predictably, the warped mindset that dictates that we must soften our criticism of China because it might create problems here in the U.S. for Asian-Americans is gaining momentum. Here’s noted Israel basher and New York Times opinion writer Peter Beinart making a similar suggestion:


Between Todd’s comments and then Beinart’s, the CCP couldn’t have said it better themselves:

And let us drop even more inconvenient facts into this discussion:

Yep, but let’s “be careful” how we speak of China here in the U.S. because words are violence or something.

As they did for nearly a year as Trump reminded people of the coronavirus’s origins, the mainstream media are continuing to act as apologists for a country that is well-known for its gross human rights abuses against its own people. Remember that the next time these clowns in the media claim some moral high ground on, well, any issue. You don’t get to claim you care about the plight of Asian-Americans while at the same time recommending we “be careful” of what we say about Communist China.


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