The World Gets a Little Uglier: Former CNN Host Asks If We're Better Off with Hateful Racist Rush Limbaugh Dead

Image courtesy of dinokfwong from Pixabay

Image courtesy of dinokfwong from Pixabay



You’ve most likely heard by now that Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer.

Such news is guaranteed to ignite some very, very ugly comments on social media.

Here’s a bit of what’s going on at the moment:

And this:

Of course, I have no idea what anyone’s exposure has been, but based on what I’ve seen in the world, I’d say there’s a good chance more than a few Rush haters are genuinely unaware of the man. I’ve noticed it’s a popular thing to rage against what one’s heard rather than what one knows.

But what about TV’s talking heads? Are they in the know? What do they have to say?

A former CNN host — Reza Aslan — surmised he had a really good question Monday: Is the world better off without Limbaugh?

Reza used to host the show Believer, and he believed he should ponder the following before the world:

Not everyone was on board:

And there was one excellent use of the word “frick”:

Reza was undeterred:

This seems to me a question worth asking: What does it say about our media world when one of its members feels — presumably — completely comfortable pitching the potential virtue of a talk show host’s death?

Regardless, it’s not the first time Reza’s had strong words for someone in the American ether:


Hence, this comment:

From the refuge of your house, look out the window — it’s getting uglier out there.

And that’s worse for everyone. No matter your politics.



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