Jen Rubin Takes a Dumpster Dive, Compares Rush Limbaugh to David Duke (But Guess What She Said in 2011)

Screen grab via Giphy.
Dumpster Fire Flood
Screen grab via Giphy.

There’s the generic “stooping low” and then there’s the Jennifer Rubin version of “stooping low.”

And believe me, it’s really, really low.


Rubin, who if she even still calls herself a Republican firmly fits into the category of “RINO” (a word I don’t use often), spent a considerable amount of time on the Twitter machine today promoting and amplifying her newest column in which she blasted President Trump for having the audacity to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to longtime conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

The headline of her piece? I’ve screen grabbed it in case it gets changed or deleted:

Jennifer Rubin Column

Just in case you think that headline might have been written by a staffer and not Rubin, think again. She said the same thing this morning in a tweet reply to fellow Trump hater Rob Reiner:

To be sure, this wasn’t exactly a hot or fresh take from our intellectual betters in the establishment media, as Brandon Morse documented earlier today. But for Rubin it represents what’s arguably one of the lowest points in her career as a Democrat-promoting Never Trumper who is so consumed with TDS that she can’t see the forest for the trees – or when she’s being a flaming hypocrite.


Such was the case today as, after her comparison of Rush to racist former KKK leader David Duke, Twitter users dug up her history of past comments about Rush Limbaugh – and found her singing quite a different tune. Since the tweets are still up, I’m linking to them directly. The screen grabs follow:

Keep in mind that this is not any kind of situation where she’s had a “change of heart” or anything of that nature. As others have noted, for his entire career Rush has been in the midst of all kinds of blown-out-of-proportion “racism/sexism/xyzism” controversies, and that most definitely includes the 2011 timeframe when she was defending him. This is not about her having a wake-up call on Rush – it’s about money, fame, and acceptance into the DC cocktail circuit.


Also keep in mind that she’s saying all this in the aftermath of Rush announcing on his program on Monday that he has stage 4 lung cancer, which is a pretty grim diagnosis. Decent people are praying his treatment will be successful, congratulating him on receiving the award in the midst of his tough health battle, and moving on. But Rubin hasn’t fit into the category of “decent” in a very long time, so it stands to reason that she’d stoop to saying something as despicable as this.


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