CNN and NY Times Get Blasted For Gushing Over Biden Worse Than North Korean State TV

CNN and NY Times Get Blasted For Gushing Over Biden Worse Than North Korean State TV
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Media is making us gag today with their cloying remarks over Joe Biden.

The more they swoon and try to spin for Biden, the more you know it’s like “they doth protest too much,” they’re working far too hard at this. If people actually thought that highly of Biden, they wouldn’t have to work this hard.

They’re trying to resurrect that with confused old Joe. They really are trying to insult our intelligence with their propaganda efforts. It’s actually pretty nauseating.

CNN’s David Chalian claimed lights on the National Mall’s reflecting pool were like “extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.”

Not only does that sound like North Korean state media, but does he forget this was a man accused of inappropriately touching multiple women, not to mention all the videos of inappropriateness all over the internet? Perhaps most Americans have a different view about a Joe Biden embrace than do the folks at CNN who seem like they want not only the embrace but the accompanying sniff on the side.

But that wasn’t all. There was also Lauren Wolfe, an editor for the New York Times, got chills watching Biden land at Joint Base Andrews.

Remember the infamous Obama ‘thrill up the leg’ about Barack Obama from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews? Well, that was Wolfe today. “Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now. I have chills,” she tweeted. The tweet was later deleted after people pointed out the obvious bias. Perhaps that shows that at least Wolfe, who appears young, can be shamed into at least realizing that blatant bias should be taken down, even if she had enough to put it up in the first place.

Brit Hume, a man of good common sense and still a journalist unlike the ‘journalists’ above, responded to both of them. Unfortunately, right now, there seem to be far more of the other type and fewer Humes in mainstream media.

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