4 Years of This: Here Are Some of the 'Hard-Hitting' Questions Asked at First Biden Press Briefing

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As expected, the first official day of Joe Biden’s presidency has been chock full of excessive media drooling, and included Very Important fashion updates about Biden, Kamala Harris and their respective spouses, as well as much swooning and swaying over talk about how Biden will supposedly “heal and unify” the nation.


Sadly, when it was time for mainstream media reporters to get down to the serious business of actually asking the Biden administration the tough questions they’ve promised they will, what we saw was the exact opposite of the belligerent nastiness that was frequently on display from the “objective” White House press corps during their highly combative exchanges with Trump White House press secretaries like Kayleigh McEnany, Sarah Sanders, and Sean Spicer.

Instead, these are some of the “hard-hitting” questions asked of Obama administration alum and Biden press secretary Jen Psaki at the first Biden White House press briefing:


And then there was the important question about whether Biden would have the colors changed on Air Force One:

After the press briefing, the New York Times also filed this hard-hitting recap:

Woke PBS NewsHour performance journalist Yamiche Alcindor was over the moon:

Meanwhile, in the real world, this is who we’re really dealing with:


“The Hill” media critic Joe Concha summed things up best with this .gif:

Four years of this, y’all. Four frickin’ years.

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