New Video of Shooting In Capitol Shows What Happened, Tucker Carlson Responds to Shooting

New Video of Shooting In Capitol Shows What Happened, Tucker Carlson Responds to Shooting
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As we reported, Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot while protesters were storming into the U.S. Capitol.

We now have found a video posted by National File, showing the shooting clearly itself. Warning because it is graphic, but it clarifies the nature of the shooting. She appears to be climbing through a broken window. Apart from that and being part of the crowd, it’s not clear what the police who shot thought was a rationale for shooting at that point. She isn’t armed and isn’t threatening anyone’s life at that point. In fact, the nature of the shooting is such that it could have endangered the cops and the other people behind her.

We include it to show the circumstances but it is very troubling so know that going in.

You hear people say “flash bang.” But it sounds like a gunshot, and she’s immediately bleeding from the neck/chest profusely. But we’ll have to wait to hear what the police say.

Here’s the young man who was there, explaining what happened.

KUSI identified the woman as Ashli Babbitt, a 14 year Air Force veteran, security officer who served four tours of duty.

Tucker Carlson has now commented on the shooting. What he has to say is valuable, because it’s about how we got here, how ignoring the concerns of millions rather than addressing them and trying to answer the questions has been the wrong position to take from the powers that be.

Unfortunately some Republican politicians, and certainly Democratic politicians are taking the wrong message away from today. That they should now abandon any effort to address the concerns, that addressing the concerns is somehow countenancing violent action. That’s the wrong response. You can condemn the violence while still addressing the concerns that are troubling millions of people. If you actually want to be able to move forward so that people have confidence in the elections, you must address them.

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