#Journalism: CNN's 'Coverage' of Raphael Warnock Takes a Bizarre Turn for the Worse

#Journalism: CNN's 'Coverage' of Raphael Warnock Takes a Bizarre Turn for the Worse
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Though CNN has long been unquestionably and unashamedly liberally biased, I’m not even playing when I say that they have without a doubt turned into the very personification of state-run TV since Election Day.

There too many examples to cite in one post, but one of the most recent ones happened just yesterday when CNN’s John Avlon took to the Twitter machine to make a rather bizarre declaration about Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock just a few hours after numerous media outlets declared him the winner in his Georgia Senate runoff race against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

Avlon, a Daily Beast alum whose Twitter feed is littered with anti-Trump tweets, proclaimed in so many words that having Warnock in the Senate might bring about that unity and healing his network and others have been promising over the last two months – because there’s a “progressive message in Jesus’ teachings” and because it was time for “the role of faith in American politics” to be “depolarized”:

If Avlon was an opinion show host on the network, his tweet would have amounted to no more than one man’s viewpoint. But he’s not. He’s a supposedly objective fill-in anchor for their “New Day” program. And yet there he was sounding like the welcome ambassador for Warnock’s Senate campaign.

Compounding the problem of Avlon’s tweet was CNN media hall monitor Brian Stelter, who lovingly retweeted it as though it was the gospel truth. Yours truly called it out for what it was: a partisan love note:

The other problem with Avlon and Stelter treating Warnock’s election as a moment in our nation’s political history where people should consider doing a better job of respecting the religious viewpoints of politicians in government is that it ignores all the instances where conservatives have been told to keep their religious viewpoints to themselves and lectured to on how religious teachings supposedly have no place in government, etc etc.

Now all of a sudden because we have a liberal Democrat pastor in the U.S. Senate who sounds like the Georgia version of Obama’s radical mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, suddenly we should be more tolerant of faith-based politicos or something?

Not to mention the fact that Warnock has said some pretty disturbing things about police officers and Cuban dictators. Had the shoe been on the other foot and someone like the conservative Rev. Franklin Graham been elected to the Senate, you can rest assured that Avlon and Stelter would most definitely not be so eager to “depolarize the role of faith in American politics.”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: If it weren’t for double standards, the media would have no standards at all.

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