WATCH: Trump Supporters Are Storming the Capitol, Electoral Vote Counting Postponed

Elijah Schaeffer/ The Blaze

A crazy scene is unfolding at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. following a speech by President Trump at what may be the final major rally of his presidency. Some attendees of the rally are now storming the Capitol, physically engaging with police.

Hill staffers are now being evacuated from the surrounding area.

As a result of the chaos, the electoral vote counting and debate has ceased. This happened during the debate over Arizona’s electors, which was being led by Ted Cruz. No doubt the National Guard are being further mobilized at this point.

People will have different opinions on this. On the one hand, you will have people who say that the left-wing riots during the summer were met with cheer and applause by the media so what’s the point of being any better? On the other hand, this is logically dumb and counter-productive. One of the last vestiges of Trump’s movement was that his followers didn’t do this kind of thing. They kept their cool and showed their support in a way that made sense and was effective. Instead of burning things, they got out and knocked on doors. Shoving police at the Capitol while trying to storm the building accomplishes nothing but marginalizing the movement. Further, it’s simply not right. If you spent all summer denouncing violence in Kenosha and Minneapolis, you can’t now excuse this as acceptable.

I’m probably speaking into the wind at this point, but here’s what Trump should actually do. Instead of worrying about whipping up his supporters at a final rally over a lost cause, he should be declassifying literally everything that would expose corruption within the government. Further, he should be forcing the selection of a special counsel to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden. Those are actions that would actually matter in the long term. This rioting at the Capitol doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t expose anything.

There will likely be much more to come on this story, so we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: They are on the House floor.

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