MSNBC Has Stacey Abrams Advise GOP on How to Accept Election Results, the Jokes Just Write Themselves

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On the one hand, the Democrat and media demands that Republicans sit back, shut up, and accept election results without questioning them are more than a little bit enraging, particularly when you consider how they spent the last four years undermining President Trump and proclaiming he was an illegitimate president because he allegedly colluded with Russia to win in 2016.


But on the flip side of that, it’s also rather amusing – and for the same reasons. Especially when the calls to accept election results have come from bitter former nominees like Hillary Clinton, who has never gotten over her failure to defeat Trump in 2016 and who let everybody know for the four years after how she would have won had her opponent not “cheated.” There has also been the little matter of Clinton saying in interviews several months prior to the 2020 election that Joe Biden should not concede the presidential election even a little bit no matter what happened on election night.

On that same front is Stacey Abrams who, to this day, has yet to concede her 2018 loss to Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race. Abrams has been treated like a goddess, a queen whose claims about how her election was “stolen” from her are portrayed as unquestionable and should be accepted without hesitation.

Considering how Abrams has spent the last two years arguing that candidates who feel they were cheated out of victory should never, ever concede, it was hilarious to see her on MSNBC Wednesday advising Republicans including Trump on how to accept the results of an election that may not have gone their way:


“Look, we have the right as Americans to litigate, to challenge, and to call into question, but we do not have the right to our own facts, and we do not have the right to manufacture evidence. … Donald Trump is entitled to his opinion. He’s entitled to be unhappy about the outcome. But, as I did in 2018, I acknowledged the legal sufficiency of the election. I just simply challenged the system that allowed voters to be disenfranchised. It is time now for Donald Trump to acknowledge that the legal sufficiency of the system says that he is no longer the president, and unlike what happened to me, where we had enough evidence to go to federal court and to see changes made, he has to admit that there is no evidence of widespread fraud. He can continue to fight, but he’s going to lose.”

I couldn’t find an embeddable clip, but Grabien’s got a copy of it that you can watch here:

To say that Abrams’ remarks here are laughable would be a serious understatement. Next to Hillary, she is the last person who should be advising anyone on how to handle election results that are unfavorable to a candidate for public office. She’s also the last person who should be making definitive claims about who’s legal arguments are or are not valid (her arguments weren’t) on the issue of voting irregularities/suppression, etc.


This is like having Bill Clinton on to talk about the importance of staying faithful to your wife, or Michael Avenatti on to talk about how important it is to be honest and upfront in your business and legal dealings.

Thanks a bunch to MSNBC, Ali Velshi, and Abrams herself for providing the comic relief we all needed on what has otherwise been a very trying week.

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