Chelsea Clinton Tells Hillary Protesters to 'Get Over 2016', the Responses to Her Ironic Tweet Were Brutal

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On Sunday, supporters of President Trump organized a march past the New York homes of Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo and failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


According to a photo from, it wasn’t a huge group. “Dozens” reportedly marched, and “police in New Castle, N.Y. said the marchers stayed peaceful and by early evening they had departed from the governor’s neighborhood,” per the Fox News report.

But along the way, marchers chanted “lock her up” at Hillary Clinton’s house as they marched by, which some neighbors did not appreciate:

Dawn Greenberg, a Clinton neighbor who founded the Chappaqua Friends of Hillary in 2015 when Clinton ran for the Oval Office against Trump, said the trouble was “incredibly distressing.”

“I’m sad for the Clintons. I feel like they can’t win. I feel like they’re being targeted. Of course the secret service will keep them safe,” Greenberg said. “I just think it’s beyond the pale. It’s like, where are we going with this? It just keeps getting ratcheted up more and more.”

While I’m generally not a fan of political protests outside of someone’s home, it sounds like in this case it was relatively mild and that instead of sticking around the marchers merely uttered the chant as they walked by. But even had the Trump supporters stopped outside the home to protest for more than a couple of minutes, Democrats really hold no moral high ground on condemning such types of protests seeing as how they encouraged their supporters to “get in the faces” of House and Senate Republicans as well as Trump administration officials no matter where they saw them, including at restaurants and their family homes.


In any event, the “lock her up” chant was upsetting to daughter Chelsea Clinton, who took to the Twitter machine to express her displeasure – and her fervent hope that the marchers were “wearing masks” and would “some day get over 2016”:

As you can imagine, the irony of Chelsea Clinton’s call for Trump supporters to “some day get over 2016” was not lost on the thousands who responded to her accordingly:


Considering Hillary Clinton’s non-stop “2016 was stolen from me/Trump’s a Russian puppet” tour, and her campaign’s role in working with the Obama-Biden administration in 2016 to undermine Trump’s presidential campaign and then his incoming administration, not a single member of the Clinton family should dare lecture any Republican about “getting over 2016.” Not only do the Clintons collectively have zero moral authority on the matter, but Hillary Clinton herself has zero credibility on it considering what she and her campaign tried to do.


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